Chapter 7

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Authors note: This chapter is still in the past. Enjoy! ❤💗💕


Harry's POV

Tilly was no angel.

This point only worsened her case, she had more whip marks in two days than Amelia had in a year. I mentally punished myself for thinking of Amelia, it only made me grieve more, I ended up giving up to my emotions and memories of her flowed into my memory.

She looked just like her, almost an exact replica. I had spent days wondering the streets and scouting in car parks for the perfect girl, an exact replica of my one true love. It was worth the wait.

I had to keep her in the back room with the training chains on, for her own safety of course. I hated putting her in there, Amelia had hated It and begged me multiple times when she first arrived to be let out, that's probally what made her to be such a good girl. I wanted to treat Tilly pretty much the same way as I treated Amelia, I think that the way I was so kind to Amelia is what made her so caring.

It seemed as Tilly hated me more than I had anticipated. But she will learn. Eventually.

"Let me out you FUCKING PSYCHO!" She squealed. Tilly had already given herself a reputation of being fiesty, I had been watching her for some time. I will find a way to quench out her fire and make her a good obedient girl.

"You will not swear In this house." I replied firmly. She was going to be punished for that. I decided 10 whips and a couple days without food would be sufficient. I then remembered the little surprise I had in store for her.

I searched the pockets of my hoodie for my present for Tilly, I wanted to make sure she knew her place her, just like Amelia did.

I produced a navy blue collar with my name embossed in the centre, Tilly looked at it with petrified eyes, for a moment, we both just stared at the collar until I shuffled towards her and knelt down.

It was ment for a dog, but I'm sure Tilly wouldn't mind, I was quickly proven wrong.

"You are Insane! First you kidnap me, then you whip me, tattoo me and now..." She looked at the collar with duiscust, "this"

I remember exactly what I had tattooed onto her, a shortened version of my speech to Amelia and then a #2 sigh so she knew that I hadn't replaced her.

She quickly realised that shouting at me and calling me insane was only going to worsen her case, her tone of voice hastily changed.

"Please." She wimpered, "I will not misbehave or swear ever again, just don't put that...thing on me" she said in a mix of disgust and fear, she looked mortified at her own words.

This was the first step towards breaking her, she had to betray her thoughts to become a better person in my household.

I ignored her pleas and proceeded to put on the collar, she strugglred and squirmed as I locked it with a key, she continued to look at me with her petrified eyes but i chose to ignore them, the sooner she learns to obay, the better. I tightened it as far as it would go and immediately noticed that Tillys breathing pattern went haywire.

I knew she wouldn't have the breath to speak, that was half the reason I put it on, the other half was for my sheer enjoyment in her attempt to breathe.

There was an eerie silence, minus the heavy pants of Tilly attempting to stay alive, I didn't know if she was going to survive with that thing on, I didn't really care to be honest, you can make a mistake, just not twice, I reminded myself.

"Now, Tilly. You need to learn to obay me." I stormed into the living room and hastily grabbed the whip, it was caked in Tilly's dried blood and it was about to get even messier.

All I could hear for the next hour was Tilly's wails and screams In agony. And I knew I had done the right thing.

I walked into my garden and knelt down beside Amelia's grave, it had been to long since I had last visited her, I replaced her flowers and then sat in silence, replaying my memories with her.

"We will be reunited soon, my sweet Amelia." I placed a kiss where I hoped her rosy red lips would be bellow the ground, and once more mourned her passing.

Authors note:
So sorry This one is shorter than usuall!! I will upload another chapter soon hopefully! Thanks for reading! ❤💗💕

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