Chapter 8

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The moment you pulled back, something had been triggered, something that clicked in your brain. The door to your memories unlocked and the key- was this kiss- but why a kiss?

It all came back to you, each memory attacking you like a swarm of flies.


[Flashback into Y/N's memories]

This was it. A large number of men with guns had barged into our home, for a mass killing of all animals in the forest. They were going to exterminate our kind, eradicate all signs of our existence; wolves

''they're coming, Y/N, run! I'LL BE FINE!'' your mother shouted, blood oozing out of an open wound in her stomach. Her fur was wet and moist with blood, as she lay sprawled on the ground helpless. Tears streamed down your face as you tried to stop the bleeding by placing your paws on her wound.

''I c-can't...'' you choked out, flinching at the sound of gunshots in the background. Everyone else had been shot dead in your pack, and now she was on the verge of going too. ''please...hang in there'' you pleaded, as her eyes began to drift close.

''Y/N...I'm'' and with her final breath, she was gone.

You were the only one left.

You grit your teeth in anger, sorrow, exasperation, all these rampant emotions swirling inside of you like ferocious tornadoes. Eyes gleaming in feral fury, you leap past trees and trees, to find and kill the hunters.

Drowning into your abyss of bloodlust and vengeance, you were ready to kill anything and anyone in your way. What did you have to lose?

It had begun to get dark, and with no luck, you had lost the hunters. They had retreated.

You glance up at the moon and let out a long, sorrowful howl, the shrillness of your voice penetrating through the air like a sharp knife. You howl again, in hope of a survivor like you lost somewhere to howl back.

But silence greets you.

In complete despair, you drop to the ground. However it's not long before your sharp ears pick up some distant voices of people. Were they back?

In fact, you didn't care. You vault back up, baring your fangs wide and leap across towards the voices. When the figure of a few men come into your field of vision, you growl deeply before jumping onto one of them and slash his back with your paw.

He yelps in pain as the other men run to help him, and when they look back, you're gone.


[A few days later]

Prodding through the damp leaves with your tiny paws, you drop the dead deer you had been clinging onto with your teeth.

'' I got a big one'' you snarl pridefully. ''My hunting skills are incomparable''

''yeah yeah'' Jackson mutters, watching you with soft eyes.

A comfortable silence lingers in the air as you and him ravish your prey, wandering through your own thoughts. A lot had happened.

You missed the presence of the rest of your pack, cuddling in the warmth of the rest of the cubs...hunting together and feasting upon the hardworkingly caught deers...

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