Chapter 1

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One, two, three. I tried to concentrate as I mounted the metal stairs to the bathroom. But, I had worn the most uncomfortable heels. Super cute heels but still. Tripping would hurt and potentially wreck my shoes. Must not fall. Must concentrate. Keep counting. Focus on counting.

Stupid heels. Four. Five, I think.

Stupid heels. Six.

Stupid heels. Seven.

Stupid heels. Eight.

"Ohh," I hear a moan coming from the bathroom. Some other mounting was happening apparently.

Stupid heels. Nine.

"Oohh, Finn. So good." Now, the moans were like D-list porn dialogue.

Stupid heels. Ten.

"Ohhh, Yes, Finn, Yes."

With that last moan, I stopped still. The cries certainly didn't. Three more steps, and I would be at the restroom. Was I willing to walk in on whatever amorous acrobatics awaited me just to pee? Decision time here. What was I willing to go through just to relieve myself? In tough moments, I made lists. I tallied the last few hours: three cups of coffee, a glass of water at dinner, half a bottle of red wine, and the last of my cousin's beer. Yup, the restroom was an imperative and right now.

Impressively loud moans met my last three steps as I made it to the door. Head held up high; I pushed the door open. I tried not to notice the coupling in progress, clearly visible against the sinks. Instead, I tried to focus on the room—a bright, hussy red set off by black fixtures and sinks. Even the floor was red, with the addition of gold flakes. It was like stepping into plush velvet. The sensuality of the bathroom was intoxicating. Maybe that vibe infected the couple pretending not to share the space with me.

The lover's action had stalled completely when I had opened the door. They had an admirable ability to hold a pose. Though, I might have them beat. I remained standing, the door in hand, only moving my eyeballs, and even then, just barely. All three of us were in a weird, and definitely adult, game of freeze tag.

I wondered who would break this détente for moment. But, my bladder reminded me of the emergency that had brought me to these circumstances in the first place. Before I pivoted towards the stall, I made the mistake of looking in the mirror.

Four heated eyes met mine. The girl was teetering on the sink, facing me, a large, muscled man between her legs. Her eyes were lidded and unfocused. I could have been a tap-dancing rainbow unicorn, and she wouldn't have noticed. The ones in the mirror, though, widened quickly focusing on mine. They were deep cobalt blue with minute flecks of gold. Eyes that you could see from a football field's distance, if you were so inclined to walk onto a field, of course. I wasn't. I also wasn't interested in looking into those eyes. Pulling away my gaze, I ducked into the stall as quickly as humanly possible.

"Wait, what are you doing? Don't stop, baby." I overheard, along with the shuffling of feet, as I went about my business.

"What the hell? You can't leave me like this?" Then, I overheard the clang of a garbage can lid and the characteristic ding of a belt buckle being clasped.

"Aren't you going to say anything?" And, then the opening and closing of a door.

After I finished in the stall, I steeled myself turning to the sink. I wasn't going to give up on hand cleaning protocols no matter whose ass might be or have been poised on the other console. A busty blond woman straight out of a romance novel stood leaning forward, garish coral lipstick in hand. You know the kind, 36 Ds bought not born, golden honey hair not so much God-given but manmade, all wrapped up in an alluring, man-baiting outfit. I might sound like I dislike the type. I don't. Do what you need to live how you want. But, also know that this sort of woman is often not super welcoming of nerdy librarians who didn't play their game of dolling it up for the opposite sex.

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