Chapter 106: Debbie in Kokujin's World

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It was a starry night in high mountains covered with snow, and dragons flew in the sky, growling and roaring in infernal voices. The whole aura around was warm and positive, but still, a shade of ominousness lurked around... Debbie gulped as she spotted the dragons in the sky. She wrapped her arms around herself to warm herself up even a little bit, and stepped forward in the snow, towards a large black castle that lay ahead.

Knowing his character, I believe he's in there... she thought, watching the blackened palace.

As she had passed half of her way, she heard a gruesome roar of the dragons from above. She gasped and looked up, letting out a scream - the dragons dashed at her.

"Ah! Get off!" she sneered, drew out her sword - her only weapon - and swung it at the ferocious beasts, but the dragons blew fire out of their mouths and burnt her sword in an instant, and then grabbed her with their clawed paws and flew towards the palace at an immense speed. Debbie shrilled in fear. Ugh, why everywhere I go there are dragons?! She got irritated as she could remember a ferocious dragon residing her own master's dream world. However, she had little time for lamentations - she was soon brought to the palace, and the dragons that held her took on their human forms. They grabbed her tight, tied her with icy cold metal chains, and then dragged her in. "Ah! Let me go! You..." she sneered in anger and slight fear, but the armoured Dragon-soldiers frowned and hit her:

"Shut up, intruder!"

Debbie snarled again but preferred to hush.

Here, I have no powers unless the lord of this dream world grants me permission, and, knowing him and how I treated him back in my own dream world, I have little to no chance... a tiny tear fell from her eye. But I still must try, for Master's sake...

While she was brooding in her thoughts, the dragon-soldiers dragged her into a large black hall in the palace and dropped her to her knees in front of a black throne that stood at the end of the hall. She gulped once saw the ominous lord sitting there whom she expected to meet in this dream world, and his demonic grin looked even more terrifying than ever...

 She gulped once saw the ominous lord sitting there whom she expected to meet in this dream world, and his demonic grin looked even more terrifying than ever

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"My lord, we caught this intruder at the borders. She seems to be not of this world," one of the dragon-soldiers pointed with a spear on Debbie who was thrown on her knees on the floor.

A demonic laugh sounded through the hall, sending shivers down Debbie's spine.

"Oh, what a pleasant surprise!" the same chuckling voice then spoke, apparently belonging to the guy on the throne, "Deborah Yamamoto, the Sword Muse of Byakuya, in my dream world, and in such a spectacular time when my Goddess is having another dream and won't interrupt us!"

Debbie widened eyes once heard such gruesome words - Tamie wasn't here?! Goodness, she was doomed!

I... I hoped on her presence! Without her, he's going to... Sweat poured off her forehead once she thought of all the terrifying things.

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