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It was around midnight Nandu was in a deep slumber suddenly her sleep was disturbed. She didn't want to open her eyes but then she remembered she wasn't at her home. She was in a hotel room with Chenn, an UNKNOWN GUY!! She developed an UNKNOWN FEAR within her heart but still she didn't dare to open her eyes but she felt a gaze on her. She peeped and saw Chenn was wide awake and was gazing at her like an EAGLE. She hated his gaze on her. But until she reached Mumbai she couldn't do anything. She had to keep quiet. She was just too busy in her own thoughts that she didn't even realise when Chenn came near her and when she did it was already late. Now Chenn was hovering over her face. A sudden panic and fear overtook her mind, heart, soul and body. And exactly at the same time Chenn pecked at HER LIPS!!

This time it was too much for Nandu to bear. She had had enough but she had to act smartly as she couldn't take any risk. He was exactly over her and now Nandu thought of a move and smirked mentally. And before Chenn could move away from her Nandu acted to move her hands and legs roughly in her sleep and and and...... NANDINI MURTHY PUNCHED👊👊 CHENN ON HIS NOSE👃 AND KICKED HIM ON HIS🙈🙈😂.... ( ï know you guys are smart enough to understand where she kicked him😉😂😂🙈)

Chenn couldn't even react. He was soo shocked and without saying anything he went to his bed.

After that Nandu couldn't sleep. She kept changing her bed sides. She kept on tossing on her bed but she was so scared. It wasn't that she was weak or couldn't fight back. She didn't say anything because firstly he was a guest not only to her but to her country too and then secondly she wasn't at a place where she knew someone. She was in a hotel somewhere in the highway and she couldn't trust anyone. She was just waiting for the next morning and to reach Mumbai. She even thought of calling Manik but she remembered he had a flight and he might be tired. So she decided she would call him the next morning. She had many thoughts in her head. She only realised, she was only awake at that time but he was awake even before that when she was in a deep slumber. What if he had taken advantage of her when she was in a deep sleep. She cursed herself how could she sleep so carelessly at such condition!! She was so angry and upset on herself!! How could she do this?? But again she thought if something had happened she would have felt it but she didn't feel anything. Does that mean HE DIDN'T TAKE HER ADVANTAGE?? HE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WITH HER? WAS SHE FINE?? All these was going on in her mind.  And suddenly her phone rang breaking her chain of thoughts. She was startled for a moment. She checked her phone. It was her phone alarm. She had kept an alarm for 4:00 am so that they could leave early. She hurriedly woke up and went to the washroom to freshen up. She locked the washroom and washed her face. She was still in last night's wet clothes which were already dry now. She checked herself. Thankfully, she didn't catch fever.

She took a deep breath, relaxed, made a brave face to act as if nothing had happened and she didn't know about what had happened last night and moved out of the washroom to wake him up.

Now, she was standing in front of him and was thinking how to wake him up. And suddenly, she got an idea and she smirked evilly. She immediately got her phone and played song Zingaat  in full volume and placed in exactly near his ears. Startled he woke up.

"Good morning, Chenn." (She wished Jim cheerfully)

"Goo...Good... Good morning Nan~dhi~nih " (He said stammering as he was still startled. Ohh poor guy)

"Go freshen up. We gotta leave soon"


And saying so he rushed to the washroom taking his pants to freshen up. He was soon out of the washroom. They collected their belongings and checked out. They went to the restaurant of the hotel, had their breakfast. They completed their breakfast and soon left. Nandu didn't talk at all. She was busy thinking What if something had gone wrong last night? What will she say to Manik? What will she say to her parents? What will she do? 

She was busy in her thoughts when suddenly Chenn stopped the bike. 

"Nan~dhi~nih can we stop here for sometime. I want kafi  (coffee) "


They went inside the shop which was just at the side. They ordered coffee and sat at a table. Their coffee arrived soon. They were sipping their coffee when Chenn hold her hand. Nandini gave him a questioning look.

"Wô ài nî"

"What?? If you remember I'm not Chinese. I'm INDIAN. I DON'T UNDERSTAND CHINESE. Now, do you care to explain what you said?"

"First repeat."








"Wô ài nî"

"Wô ài nî"


"What??" ( Nandu asked bewildered, her eyes wide open.)

"Wô ài nî is I LOVE YOU CHINESE."

Nandu sighed. She took few deep breathes, thought something and then spoke slowly.

"Chenn... Look.  I don't know what do you think about me or what do you feel about me. But I think I should make it clear to you that I don't feel ANYTHING for YOU. I LOVE SOMEONE ELSE AND I'M ALREADY ENGAGED WITH THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. MY MANIK." (She spoke confidently looking at him and showing the ring at her finger.)


Okay I know it was a short part and I left at cliff hanger. But sorry I love suspense😉😂😂 I know I had promised to make Manik's entry to some of you in this Chapter but I didn't want to. I want to take some time. Please bear this and also it is needed for the storyline to continue and to make the story interesting.

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