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I observed the large house in front of me. It still looked like the same wooden house that my father had built all those years ago. He and Mom had built it when they started a family, she had always dreamed of having the perfect family, especially with him. And thankfully things ended that way.

They got the perfect family they had always wanted.

It had been years since I'd been there, and I didn't fancy the return.

Sure, there had been wonderful memories, but for whatever reason I had constantly hated this town. And I didn't even know why. It was the reason I had left, because I despised this town. But now I had to come back.

I exhaled a severe breath, before setting my suitcase down and then knocking on the door.

I waited for an answer impatiently.

But when minutes passed, it was irking.

I rolled my eyes, knocking again. A little too harshly.

I was just going to grab my phone to call my brother, but then the door was opened.

And there stood Kenneth. His light brown hair was short and curly, that matched his light, soft-angled eyebrows. His forest green, almond deep-set eyes showed off his face clearly — from his Greek nose to his oval face. Kenneth was exceedingly sturdy, which was because he worked out a lot. Even if he was still a high school student, he was in 12th grade, so would be graduating soon.

"Nathan!" he exclaimed.

"Hey, Ken," I greeted.

In seconds he had clasped his arms around my neck. "W-What? What are you doing here? I thought you were in New York?"

I hated what the memories of New York did to me.

I shook it off.

"Yeah, well, I thought it was time to finally come home."

"I've missed you so much, brother," Kenneth mumbled into my neck, hugging me tighter.

I smiled. "I've missed you too, little bro."

Kenneth had always had this sweet aura around him. I guess that was the reason why he has so many friends, people have always liked him. He was continually benevolent to others, never let anyone down, took care of others even if he was the one to get hurt in the end. And was always merry.

When we reached the living room -after he had helped me with my two suitcases-, there stood a girl around his age. Her hair was dark blonde and wavy, figure was fit because I knew she went to the gym with Kenneth. Her face was triangle shaped, eyes close-set dark grey, eyebrows painted dark and S-shaped. But her face was heavily caked with makeup, not that I care about that. Her short skirt that showed off her tan legs was paired with a tight shirt that showed off her curves.

She was prepossessing but just not my type.

Plus, she was my brother's girlfriend anyway so it wasn't like I was going to hit on her or be attracted to her romantically.

She smiled as soon as she saw me and then walked over to us. "Oh, my God! Is this the famous Nathan who you've been talking about, Ken?"

Kenneth nodded. "Yeah. Nathan, this is my girlfriend-"

"I'm Estrela, and it's so nice to meet you." I was astounded when she reached in for a hug. "Kenneth has told me so much about you. Oh, I've been dying to meet the famous brother."

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