Chapter 74: Your Mom! An Yize Was Still Taking His Own Sweet Time At This Moment

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Chapter 74: Your Mom! An Yize Was Still Taking His Own Sweet Time At This Moment, So Annoying!

After Li Feifei was dragged aside by some other rich misses she was friendly with, Lu Chenghe was slightly relieved and couldn’t help but survey the crowd. However, no matter how he looked around secretly, he couldn’t see Su Jian.

Lu Chenghe glanced at An Yize who was chatting with other people. His eyes deepened, and a thought rose to the surface of his heart: Since Jian Jian is not with An Yize right now, she must be alone…

Lu Chenghe was turning around when he heard a voice by his side. “Mr. Lu seems to be looking for someone?”

Lu Chenghe turned his head and said to Ji Yan, “No.”

Ji Yan smiled faintly, and her eyes looked bright and pleasant. “Xiao Jian seems to be feeling unwell. I saw her heading towards the guest room to rest just now.”

Lu Chenghe couldn’t help but look towards the guest room.

Ji Yan continued, “Mr. Lu doesn’t need to be worried. Hmm? Feifei seems to be looking at you.”

Lu Chenghe turned around and indeed saw Li Feifei looking at him even though she was talking to the other ladies.

Ji Yan smiled lightly. After saying an “excuse me,” she greeted someone who was approaching by the side naturally, “Mr. Qin, long time no see.”

Ji Yan exchanged greetings with the person called Mr. Qin while appearing very natural. After a while, Ji Yan scanned the area. Lu Chenghe could no longer be seen within the crowd.

After excusing herself skillfully from the enthusiastic man in front of her, Ji Yan looked around secretly for An Yize. However, she realized that An Yize who had been closeby earlier was no longer in the hall.

Ji Yan’s eyes darkened. Looking at Li Feifei who was chatting with a few rich misses after separating from Lu Chenghe, Ji Yan walked over.

Standing near Li Feifei, Ji Yan asked a man who An Yize was talking to earlier where he had gone to, and the answer she got was “I’m not too sure.”

After the man left, Ji Yan turned her face around and faced Li Feifei coincidentally.

Li Feifei ridiculed with no restraint, “You just finished hooking up with the son of the Qin family. Now, you are trying to hook up with the third young master of the An family?”

Ji Yan replied helplessly, “Feifei, Xiao Ze and I are just friends. Moreover, I wasn’t trying to look for him, but Miss Su.”

“Su Jian?” Li Feifei’s expression tensed up, and she quickly scanned the area. She realized that not just Su Jian was missing, even Lu Chenghe was missing. Her appearance stiffened instantly.

“All of you, enjoy yourselves first. I have something to do.” Li Feifei threw this sentence to the rich misses by her side. Then, she turned around and left.

“Feifei?” Ji Yan was startled and looked worried. Smiling towards the group of rich misses, she followed Li Feifei.

Li Feifei searched around. After finding out that Lu Chenghe had headed towards the guest room, her expression sank further and she sped up immediately.

“Feifei, what’s wrong? You don’t look too well.” Ji Yan asked gently and sincerely beside Feifei.

Li Feifei didn’t have the heart to be bothered with her, only moving quickly towards the guest room Su Jian was at with a dark face. Then, she pushed the door open immediately and rushed in fiercely.

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