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   A small amount of people attending our residing high school were currently situated within the large school bus that was on its route to the destination. Which obviously including me, considering the fact my family insisted on not wasting their gas to transporting me daily.

   We were several stops away from the school, and I was nonchalantly chatting with my old friend, Gray Fullbuster.

   I mean he wasn't my favorite person in the whole world, seeing as he could typically get on my nerves within his record of two seconds. However, I didn't mind conversing with him on the bus rides before and after school seeing as I didn't have many friends aboard.

   "Oi Flamebrain, what idiotically low grade did you get on that History test yesterday?" Gray inquired from the bus seat beside mine.

   "For your information Ice Freak, I didn't get a low grade!" I scoffed, as he wrinkled his nose in response.

   "Then what grade did you get?"

   "C-." I spoke, smirking triumphantly. The "C-" had been one of my top scores so far in my Junior year, so it was obviously one I was proud to have earned.

   "That's consideted a low grade."

   "Are you looking for a fight Ice Queen?" I asked, pushing up my sleeves to reveal my balled fists.

   "Only if you are!" Gray replied, sitting up from his seat to a slight stance.

   "Natsu, Gray. Not on the bus!" Erza declared with a strong menacing voice, causing a shock to go through our bodies.

   We instantly turned to look at the Scarlet-haired demon, replying, "Yes ma'am," in unision, sitting back down in our seats.

   Once the bus finally arrived at the last stop before school, I shared a listless glance forward towards the bus doors, in shame from earlier. Upon sight, I saw the usual few people to board, so I didn't pay much attention.

   However, after a few seconds I realized there was a particular girl who continued her walk down the aisle unlike the others did, seeing as they had already chosen an assigned seat. That particular girl seemed to be just another blonde girl who was obviously new to the school, seeing as she looked dumbfounded at where it sit.

   She looked really did look different in a way where she looked like she didn't belong in a small town public school. Although at the same time she could just as well fit in due to her awkward appearance of a dark look upon her face.

  Some of her hair was pulled back into a a small pig tail at the top of her head, probably to get the bangs out of her face. The rest of her long locks, cascaded down her back.

   She was wearing a large sweatshirt over her uniform, even though it was hot enough wearing a regular vest over a shirt. It went down to the middle of her thighs, so you could see a bit of her navy blue skirt, clearly a few sizes too big.

  Despite her facial expression, her face looked undoubtedly beautiful, no telling how much more gorgeous she'd look if she was smiling.

   Milky skin, pink lips, chocolate brown eyes. Oh her eyes... I looked into  them as she looked towards the back of the bus near us. Her eyes held sadness, as if she has experienced really painful memories. You could tell, because the color seemed a dull shade of what it probably was. It was so distinguished even I could tell, a person who can't even read emotions well.

   Most of the front seats were already taken, so she started to head towards the back. That probably wasn't the best idea. The back of the bus was for the groups and cliques that had already been established. My group was back here, a long with a few others.

   She kept heading towards us, allowing me to stare at her enough to try and get a sense of who she was. The more I looked at her, the more curious I was. "What painful experience has she had, so that her eyes were drained from happiness? Why was she wearing an oversized sweatshirt, is she trying to hide her body? Does that mean she is skinny and insecure or overweight and embarrassed?" My thoughts kept jumping around in my head.

   Finally she had reached the back looking for a seat. The only ones that were open was the one next to me and the one next to Sting Eucliffe, Magnolia High's "Best Athlete" and yada yada. It would definitely not be good if she sat beside him, he would add to any stress she had draining her eyes.

   Without thinking I spoke, "Sit." She looked at me in surprise immediately after my words.

   "Excuse me?" She asked in an entrancing voice. I fidgeted a little bit and scooted over closer to the window making room for her figure.

   "Sit!" I demanded starting her and probably the others by my tone, but she sat beside me anyways.

    The bus began moving again not long after, towards the school. I could feel the group's eyes on me, silently wondering what to say next. I could feel it, each and everyone in the group, just watching me. Erza, Gray, Gajeel, Lisanna, Juvia, and Levy. I squirmed a bit, uncomfortable.

   Finally Lisanna was the one to break the silence. "Hello, my name is Lisanna Strauss." She said from the seat behind Gray and Erza's, in a sweet and welcoming voice. The blonde beside me turned to look at her.

   "Hello... My name is Lucy" Blondie answered with a shaky but nervous voice, probably trying to sound polite.

   So her name was Lucy. It's one of those simple names you'd think would be common enough, but honestly she was the first girl I've ever met with that name.

   "Well it's nice to meet you Lucy." Lisanna said, receiving a nod in return. 

   "Hi Lucy, my name is Erza Scarlet." Spoke another voice getting a smile in return as well.

   "And I'm Levy McGarden." The blue haired girl said from the seat in front of us. 

   "It's nice to meet you all." Lucy said looking at the girls, trying to sound sincere.

    "Since everyone else is being shy, I'll introduce them." Erza said motioning towards the rest of us being silent for the first time.

   "That's Juvia Lockser, sitting beside Lisanna. This is Gray Fullbuster, sitting next to me. Gajeel Redfox, next to Levy. And Natsu Dragneel sitting beside you." Lucy looked at everyone Erza was pointing to, to see who was who.

    When she finally looked at me, I got another look at her eyes. It made me feel strange seeing someone with eyes like this for the first time. I still needed to find out what happened to her no matter what it would take to learn it.

"Well, it's nice to meet everyone." She spoke, giving a fake smile that everyone seemed to fall for.

   Once we finally arrived at school. I grabbed my bag and went off the bus. I left towards the school without word and rushed to my first class with my thoughts flooding my brain. 

   "I'll find out your painful experiences, and I'll do whatever I can to help you. Because everyone deserves to be happy, some people just may need a little help to find their happiness."


I just joined Wattpad like just yesterday, so this is obviously my first story. I'm still trying to figure things out, so if I do something wrong please understand. Anyways, I hope you like the first chapter. The title of the chapter will announce who's point of view it is.

Cover art credit: "Lineart: Zippi44 // Colour Honda- Thoru"

**UPDATED: JANUARY 2, 2017**

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