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Nathan Burn, the 24-year-old detective, had no idea that the case that he was about to take would change his life in more way than possible.

He had no clue about the outcome of what a single attraction may bring. Of course he didn't wish to take a deep interest in his own smile, but he could not help himself with those captivating blue eyes, stunning blonde hair, contagious smile that seemed to brighten everything.

And of course, everything that Nathan wanted to do, involved the sweet, innocent Angela. Nathan knew that he would do all in his power to find her, but what he was not aware of was just how far an obsession could take.

But by the time he discovered that, he had already been sucked in too deep.

Some warnings:

This story does include: Triggering scenes, abusive signs, a slight age-gap. Mature content, ofc (mature scenes, language...etc), although there are always warning at the top of a chapter.


One little thing to know:

Try to copy my story and I will hunt you down. That is all there is needed to say :).

Haters back off!

Comments, votes, sharing, reading...etc, is appreciated.

So everyone, just buckle up your seat belts and get on with the story because this is going to be a crazy and long one <3.

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