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We were filming another video. Along with the video, were throwing a Baby Shower. I've never been to one before so I thought it was just the mom's friend watching her open useless shit that she'll return for money. I dunno.

Anyway, they said it wasn't like that, they said they wanted a rager. Wow, that will be hard to do. "Zach, you'll be fun and games. Keith will handle food and Eugene, decorations."

"What about me?" I asked

"You will be their babysitter" Ned said handing his credit card to us

"You're giving us your credit card?" Eugene asked, suprised. While Zach and Keith seemed excited.

"You know we can just use my money" I said

"No no no, we don't want to use it, this is our party, we dont want someone else to pay" Ariel said

"I insist" I said

"Nope" Ned said

"I will at least but something"

"N-" I cut Ned off

"Upupupupupupupup, shh, nothing you say will stop me" I say crossing my arms

~time skip after they get money from the bank~

Ugh Costco. "Why are we here, I hated my experience" I said

"What happened?" Eugene asked, taking his hands off of mine and putting his arm around my shoulders.

"There was a race between these moms for the last Barbie house on sale their kids were crying about. They trampled me and didn't apologize. I got a fucking broken leg cuz of that!" I yelled, getting mad

"Its fine, I will be your bodyguard" Eugene said heroically

"And I will pay you in alcohol"

"I'll accept that" he said

~time skip~


e arrived at Costco and got a decent parking spot. We went in and as Eugene helped some ladies with their carts I saw someone familiar.


As they were buying some stuff, Y/N kept glancing at the familiar man and concluded that she knew him. While the guys were at the check out counter she walked over to him. As she tapped him on the shoulder, Eugene noticed she was missing and saw her with him.

Eugene POV

Where is she? Oh there with a dude. Wait, with a dude? Who is that guy? Is she cheating? He's hot.  As they hugged, I walk towards them she notices me. "Eugene! Oh my God, you have to meet him. Ace, this is Eugene. Eugene, Ace"

"sup bro" he says shaking my hand. I tighten my arm around her waist that I didn't even know I was holding.

"What's wrong?" She whispers

"nothing" I say.

"Anyway, I missed you, we should catch up sometime" she said hugging him

"Ok bye"

~time skip to the drive home~


The ride was silent, Eugene not saying a word to me. I got worried and asked "What's wrong?"

No reply

"Eugene, you have been like this after you met Ace, I know something's up"

Then it hit me

"Oh my- are you jealous?" I asked containing my laughter

"W-what? No"

"You are!" I say as everyone laughed

He was bright red "No!"

"Dude, Ace is my cousin"


"Haha, you were jealous" I said as he whined the whole way home

A/N: The end, I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while, school and stuff. There are some things I need to mention. I will be updating once a week and I think something's up with my Wattpad. If the story says 6 or 7 parts, NO, this is the 4th. Anyway, sorry for the shitty  chapter, bye💖

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