Boyfriend and Girlfriend

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Y/N walked in with the Try Guys. She had caught a ride with them to work that day for that day, was their resignation. They walked into the office, resignation letter in hand, one for the Try Guys and one for Y/N. They went to the boss and explained why they were leaving. The Try Guys told him/her (A/N: IDK The boss) that they wanted top stay their own company and Y/N said that she will be acompanying them. He told them they had the 2 weeks thing and that I  that time, they will be editing their last season in BuzzFeed.

~Time skip two weeks~

They had just walked out of the building they've been working in for 4 years. It was a kind of sad goodbye to Ladylike but everyone understood. You guys were still friend of course, obviously, a little resignation won't stop that. The moment they got out, they immediately headed to Ned's house to plan.

~le next day or something~


We went to the bank  to invest some money, that day I had a little surprise for the Try Guys, they don't know that a few days before, I place all my Bitcoin money into a bank account I made named The Try Guys. It was $2,500,000,000 I know crazy right? Anyway, we walked in and they Ned said "we are going to make a bank account for our investments" (A/N idk how banks work) "name: The Try Guys" he said

"There is already an account with that name,  sorry" the dude said

"What do you mean?"

"The person who made it asked to give a Eugene, Ned, Zach, and Keith the money."

"That's us! How much is it?" Keith asked


"Woah" everyone said

"Surprise!" I said excitedly

"Huh?" They all were confused

"I may or may not have put bitcoin money in a bank account..."

"Oh my God, really?" Zach asks


"Now we can spend it on useless shit! Like alcohol!" Eugene says

"We're still putting money in though, for more money for the company" Ned tells us. "You don't have to, Y/N"

"Duh" I say

~time skip in the middle of two months~


Ned was with his wife and Keith and Zach were trying to help start the company. Not much progress, Zach was trying to stack furniture "I wonder what Eugene and Y/N are doing" Keith says

"I bet 20 bucks they gon' start dating"

"Sure, I mean it's been less than a week, they won't" Keith replies

"If they really like each other, they will" Zach tells him

"Okay, just prepare 20 bucks"




I'm with Eugene in his feature movie thing, not really doing anything but watching. It ends and the director asks Eugene "is she your girlfriend?"

My eyes widen. Girlfriend? I wish

Eugene says "Yes"

What? "What?" I say, shocked

"That's my way of asking you" he winked at me

"We've known each other for a very short period of time" I tell him

"Yeah but I really like you, I feel like I've known you for years"

"Oh, well ok, I actually really like you too"

"I know" he says

He pecks my lips. I roll my eyes, dummy.

"But I'm your dummy"

"I said that put loud? Oops"

~Time skip when They go back~

We arrive and Zach's there. "You ready to start again"

"Yeah, I'm ready" Eugene says as he walk in. His arm around my shoulders. Instantly we see Keith there, patting his lap. Eugene walks out and back in again.

"Sooooo you guys dating?" Zach asks

"Yup" I say, happily

Keith hand him $20. "That quick?" He asks

"Yeah, we really like each other" I say kissing his cheek

"Told ya" Zach says

"You guys are stupid" Eugene says. I chuckle and kiss him again

A/N: third chapter, wow. The relationship was quick and that was really cheesy. I just also REALLY wanted them together so I can finally get it over with. Shoutout to @OniNee for being the very first one, and only one reading this story.

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