Title Chapter 7

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"I'm confused." Indyira admitted to Iroh. "I thought he was finally coming around to this – getting our lives back together and then... he leaves."

"Do not take it personally." Iroh said and patted him on the back.

"How can I take it personal? I can't even read his letter." He said as he looked at the little piece of parchment Zuko had left for him.

"I could read it to you."

"It might be private." Indyira said before he hid the paper in his shirt. Iroh noticed he was flushed and dropped the subject.

"Well, in the mean time that's something we could do. Since we're wanted fugitives now you need to be able to read the postings – just incase there isn't a picture." Iroh said. Indyira looked at him. "Don't worry, we won't lose his trail." They settled in and Iroh picked up a stick and began writing in the dirt. "Let's start with the alphabet."


Indyira had never been unsure about his feelings for Zuko. But after facing Azula he realized he still barely knew the men he was traveling with. Rather than capture the Avatar Zuko concentrated on Iroh and the injury Azula caused. Indyira was glad to have Zuko back but he was still angry that he left in the first place. And now Iroh needed attention because neither of them had told him Zuko had a crazy sister that could shoot lightening from her hands. He looked up at the full moon and sighed. He had a lot of pent up energy.

"Do you need anything?" He asked Iroh.

"Not since five minutes ago." Iroh chuckled. "Go for a walk."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." Iroh insisted. "There's a lake a little bit that way." He pointed slightly and Indyira took the hint. He glanced at Zuko but he avoided eye contact.

"Alright." He got up and walked off. The moon was bright enough for him to see the way to the lake. It was magnificent in the silver light. The surface was so still – Indyira picked up a small stone and tossed it in. The ripples ebbed out until the surface went still again. He rolled up his sleeve and put his fingers in to test the temperature. He smiled feeling it was actually quite warm. He looked around – the little Earth Kingdom town had been abandoned for quite some time – he doubted anyone would spot him. He didn't see Zuko watching him from behind some rocks. Indyira untied his shenyi and slid it off his shoulders. He put it over a large stone so it wouldn't get wet on the ground. He stepped out of his shoes and pulled his pants down.

Zuko had never seen Indyira completely naked. Every time they fooled around they had only untied their pants. Indyira had a pale scar on the back of his left thigh. And a dark birthmark in the small of his back. He jumped in the water without hesitation and swam for a few seconds before he turned over and floated on his back. When he stopped moving the water barely rippled around him. Zuko was fixated on his form as he took a moon bath. He often forgot that Indyira was half water tribe. Even though he couldn't bend any elements he still took to the water like he could. Zuko ducked a little when Indyira's suddenly stood up in the water. He seemed to reach under the surface and grab something. He looked around for a moment before he threw the rock in Zuko's direction. He was more than surprised when it hit him.

"Why are you watching me?" Indyira roared as he stormed on to the shore. Zuko rubbed his forehead where he rock hit him before he looked up at Indyira. He was still stark naked and soaking wet. "Oh, Zuko it's just you."

"You're all wet." Zuko couldn't think of anything to say as he stared. Indyira was tall and lean. His navel didn't poke out but it wasn't concave - there was a thin trail of hair right below it that led all the way down to his bush.

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