The Last Dance

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Please please watch the video to the side before reading this! It will create the mood for the story, hopefully? And also keep the song in mind for later on! :)


Also, it's dedicated to Katie because her writing is sheer perfection and she is amazing.


                                                              The Last Dance

                                        (The Last Something That Meant Anything) 

             All my life, I had always wondered what true love meant. Sure, they made it seem magical and absolutely amazing in the books and movies. But I also couldn’t help but wonder whether it actually existed.  I couldn’t possibly be the only one, right? That was one on the reasons why I had never been picky about the guys that I liked or dated. I had never searched for true love in my life and I was content with that. Of course, everyone had tried to make me believe that it did exist and one day, I would be privy to it.  But, I guess, some things you have to realize and figure out on your own. Unfortunately for me, I figured out the meaning of true love on my wedding day.

            My wedding took place on my 15th of September. It was a beautiful September afternoon. The sky was of a pale blue color, with flecks of clouds swirling around erratically. The leaves had recently started changing in color, transforming from vibrant green into a crispy, golden leaf. The gusty breeze that had engulfed the atmosphere put a smile to my face.

            I loved September. I guess that was the reason I chose to be married that month but I loved September even more because when I went on walks because the sound of the autumn leaves crunching beneath my feet combined with the refreshing gush of air warmed my heart with joy. The feeling that I got during September didn’t compare to anything. September kept me happy and relaxed.

            As I watched a leaf twirl before collapsing on the ground that day from my bedroom window, I remembered you. You always complained about how I would bring remnants of autumn leaves into our apartment and how the chilly wind messed with the warm atmosphere inside but I know you secretly loved it. I had long since figured out that it was your way of teasing me.

 I knew it was odd that I was thinking about you on my wedding day, especially when you weren’t the groom. But I couldn’t help it, you know? Ever since the day we met, you had just automatically reserved a permanent place for yourself in my mind. I may not have thought about you at all during the day but usually late at night, you would just pop up. I had long since realized that it was a weird thing and not at all healthy for my soon to be marriage but I guess I took comfort in it, comfort in you. Like you were the safe haven that I could escape to when I was running away from my insecurities.

            At exactly five in the afternoon on the 15th of September, I stepped into my wedding gown. It was a beautiful drop-waist, chiffon A- line gown with a fitted bodice. It was of a creamy white color, had a corset back closure and flowed seamlessly down from the waist.  The open toed white heels peeked out from my dress, increasing my height by a couple inches. My skin looked refreshing after all the hours spent at the spa. My make-up was simple; shimmering eye shadow paired with dark winged eyeliner, some blush and a soft pink-colored lipstick. I loved how natural it looked.  My fringes were pinned back with a small tiara and the rest of my dark locks cascaded down my back in loose waves. (A/N: Picture to the side ----->)

            As I looked at my reflection in the mirror, a rush of nervousness swept over me. I was actually getting married. Even though, as I stood in front of the mirror, I appeared ready to be married, deep inside I knew I wasn’t. The brown eyes that stared back at me through the mirror looked anything but excited. My face didn’t have that glow that brides were supposed to have when they got married. No one figured that out though.

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