Title Chapter 5

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Indyira had never heard the ship so quiet. Zhao had come by earlier that night and taken all of the crew. He even offered Iroh a position amongst the force he was amassing to invade the Northern Water Tribe. Unfortunately this time there was nothing Zuko could do to make them stay. All the men were enlisted soldiers in the navy and that trumped his line to the throne. Zuko read the order, signed and sealed with his fathers crest. He had no way of knowing Iroh would turn down Zhao's offer. He also didn't know Indyira had joined him on his journey as well. His father was willing to leave him completely alone and unguarded just to further his war.

"I feel like such a failure." Zuko said as Indyira continued to knead his back.

"You're not." Indyira responded. "I want you to stop thinking about this. Tonight, you just tell me where it hurts."

"I doubt you can massage my pride." Zuko sighed. Indyira smirked and moved his hands around Zuko's hips and stroked him through his pants. Zuko arched sending his hips back into Indyira's stomach.

"I could try." He whispered in Zuko's ear.

"Oh... go lock the door." Zuko moaned. Indyira didn't need to be told twice. He hopped up and turned the latch-lock before discarding his robe on the floor. Zuko was up on his knees – tugging at the lacing on his pants. He pulled the ribbon out of his hair and flopped on his back to get his pants the rest of the way off. He looked at Indyira as he searched for something in his storage chest. He soon came back to the bed – taking his place on top of Zuko. He hands went up into Zuko's hair as they kissed. Zuko spread his knees and pulled Indyira closer until his could feel him against his thigh and he was sure Indyira could feel him. He opened his lips so Indyira could delve deeper into his mouth. He decided he didn't care that Zhao had taken the crew – if he had taken Indyira then he would've had a problem.

Zuko's attention was suddenly on what Indyira had gotten from his chest. Whatever it was he dropped it on the futon next to Zuko's head. He broke the kiss to grab for it. He looked at the small jar of liquid as Indyira moved down to nip his neck. "Is this drugs?" He asked. Indyira chuckled.

"No. It's lubrication."

"Like oil? For machines?" Zuko asked.

"Not really. It's oil for very sensitive skin – for you." Indyira answered and leaned back. "Remember when I told you how men have sex?"

"Yes but I—"

"I know. I said I'd wait until you wanted to but there's no reason we can't have a little fun in the meantime... like practicing for a play, right?"

"Yeah, I guess." Zuko said. Indyira smiled before he kissed Zuko. He was nervous but they kept going. Indyira worked his way down Zuko's body like he normally did and Zuko arched up as Indyira laved up the length of his cock. He heard Indyira uncork the jar and watched as he poured some of the viscous fluid on his fingers. He pushed Zuko's legs up and rubbed his wet fingers over his hole. Zuko hissed through his teeth. "It's cold."

"Sorry." Indyira chuckled. Anything lower than boiling was cold to him. He just kept up his gentle prodding until Zuko finally let out the breath he was holding.

"Indy—Indyira..." he moaned when he eased his index finger inside. "Ah!"

"Don't clench." He instructed. After a second Zuko seemed to relax. Indyira used his free hand to stroke his erection. He pushed his finger upward and Zuko bucked into him.


"Feel good?"

"Yes!" He screamed and gripped the sheets. Indyira rubbed against the overly sensitive spot inside of him and Zuko squirmed. All of a sudden he felt like he was coming but it was unending. He kept expecting to feel his own ejaculate on his skin or for the sensation to ebb out but it just keep going. It got more intense and soon he couldn't take it anymore. He felt himself stretch further and he couldn't help but push himself down on Indyira's fingers.

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