Unused Content

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Hey, so, I'm here to show you all some of the content that was either scrapped or was a previous version of one of the more viewed stories. This, hopefully, can give you some insight into what could've been a story or an earlier outline of one! Enjoy, my beans!

Stalker (Sawduke)

Veronica POV

It's a relaxing day, I mean I'm not dealing with high school drama, that's good, right? I, Veronica Sawyer, am sipping a warm, refreshing, and well-deserved coffee. Along with that, I enjoyed a yummy cinnamon bun; this French café sure knows how to make anyone's sulky morning into a fabulous one. Today's the day where I go out into the world and be free! Nothing can stop me now! Except for Heather McNamara, she charged her way through the doors of the café and looked for me. When she found me, I knew why she's here, Mac is upset about something, and here I am, listening to her ramble about random things about Chandler.

Her love for the mythic bitch, Heather Chandler, is destroying her. Let me elaborate on that. She's had the biggest crush on Chandler since the 9th grade. But, Mac is afraid of confessing her feelings because she might get rejected. I don't blame her. Chandler resembles mother nature in her period; she's bitchy, she can't decide on shit and destroys everything. Heather is afraid that she'd be on the receiving end of her explosive outbursts.

"Mac, you need to calm your shit, confess to Chandler, I know she likes you!" I embraced my yellow-clad friend

"V, it's not that simple!"

"Look, I understand that you're afraid of her, but these feelings can't hide forever, it could ruin you!"

"I know, but Heather is scary, I don't want to get on her bad side! I don't know what to do anymore!" Mac sobs.

"Oh, Heather! What will you do now?" I heard a chipper voice chime.

"Hey, Dukie!" Mac replied.

"Hello there, Macaroni, here's the usual for you!" Duke said happily.

"Thank you! You're awesome, Heather Duke!"

"My pleasure!"

Ah, Heather Duke, she's the girl with no discernable personality, she's a well-reserved bitch. Not going to lie, her implants are quite sexy, they weirdly suit her. Wait, did I compliment her breasts? I stooped that low, huh? Duke isn't the worst person on the face of the earth, she can be a genuine person, unlike J.D. Anyways, Duke has always been at Mac's side when it comes to the romantic stuff. I don't understand why she doesn't have a significant other; Duke commonly gives a plethora of advice to Mac, so then she could think of ways to confess her feelings to Chandler.

The way Mac's eye light up when the 'perfect' plan forms are magical. A newfound wave of confidence surges through her, and she proudly exits the door of the café. Damn it; she did it again! Now, it's just Duke, and I alone in the coffee shop might as well strike up a small conversation.

"So, do you like working here?" I asked after a long moment of silence

"Yeah, it's alright, I guess." She monotones

"Oh, okay."

"Well, I need to get going, I'll talk to you later, Dukie!" I laugh as I exit

Duke POV

Cute, isn't she? She's almost like Mac, sweet, innocent, and gentle. I'm so glad that she wears that tight blue outfit, it makes me want to rip it off. Seriously, why did you think I would make it fit too well? I only wanted to see her cute petite body, oh, I'm glad that I get to look at and to observe those delightful curves every day! Veronica is the definition, by my opinion, of a soulmate. Every time I get to stand in her presence, I can't help but feel protective and lustful of her. There's not a day in my life where I don't think about her. Now, I think it's about time to claim my prize!

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