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I was upset. Whether it was in the contract or not, I was genuinely upset. Not only had David lied to me when we agreed he wouldn't tell Liza the truth, he had been continuously lying to me for weeks about their relationship status.

After opening up to David during our bathtub talk, I thought he understood my being was very fragile. If he would've just told me, I wouldn't have been upset. It's not like he was cheating on me. The fact that he betrayed my trust and went behind my back to hook up with his girlfriend a few times is what really got to me. He should have said something. Boys were dumb.

Not all boys, though. When I showed up on Jason and Todd's doorstep crying my eyes out, they gladly let me in. I usually wasn't a crier, but the hormones and my anger were combining to create a very ugly being.

"Okay, tell us what's up," it turned out Corinna was there too (but no, they weren't dating again), which made me feel better. I needed some girl talk, and I wasn't sure how well Todd or Jason could do.

"I'm going to sound fucking crazy," I half laughed through my tears, wiping them and half my makeup off my cheeks. "And just a quick disclaimer, I don't like David. Like at all. In a romantic way."

"Mhm," Jason nodded like he didn't believe a word I just said. "I can see that. Tell us what happened. Oh my god, did something happen to the baby?"

"No," I instinctively placed a hand on top of my belly, though I wasn't showing yet. "No, not the baby. It's about the contract."

Corinna and Todd didn't know much about the contract because they didn't need to. I had to explain it, not the contents but specifically the fear I felt.

"I was forced to sign that contract. I guess I could've not signed it, but I'm fucking twenty two and pregnant and scared, you know? I had no clue what to do. I went along with everything the manager said out of pure fear, and I really feel like I got manipulated into signing something I shouldn't have agreed to."

"I would've done the same thing you did," Corinna reached out and put her hand in mine with a reassuring squeeze. "Don't down yourself."

I smiled and continued, "Anyways, one of the clauses is basically that I cannot date anyone else from the time we're together to the time we make the breakup public, which is supposed to be, like, six months after the baby is born. David, though, is allowed to do anything with anyone he wants because he knows how to keep people quiet. Apparently, I don't."

"What if you start actually dating?" Todd interrupted, but the genuine curiosity his face held kept me from yelling at him.

"We won't," I chuckled at the thought of David and I ever working out. It was impossible. I was the kind of person who wholeheartedly believed everything in life happened for a reason and every occurrence in your life was planned and predetermined by the stars or some higher being, but it was hard finding a reason for my pregnancy, especially with David as the father. It didn't make any sense. "I, uh, came home early today. My professor left class early, so we left two hours ahead of schedule, and I was feeling so generous and went to buy David and I BWW."

"Are you upset because he didn't accept the wings?"

"Todd!" Jason finally snapped. "Stop fucking interrupting."

I was grateful. I didn't know him well enough to shut the fuck up and let me finish.

"Sorry," Todd mumbled, leaning back into the couch like he was embarrassed. Corinna lightly patted his knee, her eyes on me, encouraging me to continue.

"I found him in our bedroom making out with Liza," I blurted. "But, like, the end stages of making out. Like, about to shed the clothes and fuck."

"Oh my god," Jason gasped. "You're jealous!"

"No, I'm not," I whined, placing my blushing face into my hands. "I don't like him, but I told him over and over again how I had trust issues and I needed him to be upfront with me about everything. I had a really shitty past with men and it is so fucking hard for me to feel like they aren't secretly manipulating me, so for him to be sneaking around behind my back for three weeks in the bed I sleep in is just... gross. I'm grossed out. I can't go back."

"Oh, Sloane," Corinna wrapped her arm around my waist and laid her head on my shoulder. "I'm so sorry. That is a fucking shitty clause to put in a contract anyways."

"I know," I cried, feeling the tears start up all over again. "But I was so stupid. My best friend's dad is a lawyer and I didn't even think maybe he should read over this. I just assumed there was no way around it and now I don't trust David at all and I'm supposed to be having his fucking kid in six months."

"You're not stupid," Todd comforted me. "I would've signed it too, and I would've been scared shitless into it. Maybe you should have a chat with David, though. Not to be the devil's advocate here, but it is in the contract. Maybe he didn't understand he was doing anything wrong."

"Can I stay here for a day or two?" I asked, not even listening to Todd's point. If David really didn't think it was wrong, he wouldn't have hid it from me. He knew exactly what he was doing.

"David's going to come here," Jason explained to me, and I realized he had a point. If we weren't at our house, we were at the new VS house filming. "He comes over almost every day."

"You can stay in my apartment," Corinna told me. "I'm never there anyways; I usually sleep with Todd."

"Are you sure?" I sniffled, wiping the tears from my face for good. I was done crying; it didn't solve a thing.

"Of course. I'll give you the address and my key. You can borrow some clothes too, if you aren't planning on going back to David's."

"You're literally so sweet," I hugged her. "Thank you. I won't use electricity or run the water. No extra money."

"Don't worry about that," she laughed. "I'll text you when David's over here and maybe you can sneak back to get some things."

Corinna was too nice. I always thought she was a good person, but he kept me away from my kidnapper for three days, which was all that I could ask for. Some time to think. A weekend away.

Monday rolled around and I went back to school, where one of my class topics really resonated with me. Professor Thomas told us about our sides. The sides we put on for the public, the sides we show to our friends, and who we truly are as a person.

He talked about how detrimental social media was into finding out who someone really is. Everything on social media is planned or staged, nothing is genuine. His assignment was simple: write an article about the real side of someone as opposed to their social media side. It was like half the class turned to me, knowing how perfect I had it.

I had four weeks to perfect The Real Life of David Dobrik.


also remember the real life of david dobrik bc that will be important later, its an article about how different he is off social media (but shes angry) ((so its probs gonna be angry))

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