chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Finally the night of the party was here, after a hectic week of preparation we could finally relax. Picking out my favourite black Coco Chanel cocktail dress, and matching Jimmy Choo's, I feel happier than I have for a while, this is a night to forget the nightmare my life is becoming. I leave my blonde hair cascading down my back, and on instinct put on my usual trademark make-up, scarlet red lipstick, rose red blush to add a hint of colour to my pale face and finally metallic silver eye shadow to make my blue eyes pop. Looking into the mirror I am overcome with a feeling of familiarity, Deja Vu even, like I have seen this before.

"Carmen, darling, Laurens here." my mum shouts up the stairs.

At last the one person who would make me feel better, my best friend. I head toward the stairs, but hear the TV has been left on in my parents' bedroom so I go in to turn it off. The news channel is on, with a warning about the murders, as the next one is due tonight. I begin to freak out. I go turn the TV off, but one final picture shows, the 4 victims, S, C, A and R. I feel the wind knocked out of me and I fall to the floor. Struggling to breath one thought runs through my head, they all look exactly like me.

It takes me a few minutes to compose myself, but eventually I walk down stairs and am instantly smothered by Lauren hugging me. She looks amazing in a short red dress, her blonde hair curled in a pretty updo and her blue eyes sparkling. Within 20 minutes the place is packed with people. I begin to feel really light headed and claustrophobic and my vision was beginning to get hazy, couldn't stay down here anymore. I quickly find Lauren,

"Hey, I feel really ill I think I'm going to go up to bed."

"What? Its only 9:30."

"Yeah but I feel like I could throw up at any moment."

"Ahh, do you want me to come with you."

"No it's alright, you enjoy the party."

"Ok see you tomorrow then, bye."

I head upstairs and get ready for bed, and fall quickly into a dark twisted sleep.

I round the corner into open view; this will be my most daring murder yet. My black dress swirls as I walk, my blonde hair swishing behind me as I make a beeline toward her, Lauren, my next victim. She smiles as I approach, and I smile back, keeping my left side hidden from view. She begins to walk toward me. I walk quicker toward her she begins to open her mouth to speak but I reach her first grabbing her from behind, my arm around her neck, gently pressing my butterfly knife to her throat. "C...Carmen?" she stutters.

"Don't speak... I am going to move away and I want you to tell your mum that you don't feel well and are going home, tell her that Louis the chauffeur will drive you." She nods her head.

"If anyone gets suspicious, I can have this knife embedded in your skull before you can even blink," I warn her, "trust me." I sneer.

Again she nods her head and I let go, she begins to walk toward her parents and I creep back into the shadows. Within minutes she is back, I point toward an open door and she begins to walk toward it on unsteady legs. As she reaches it she hesitates and tries to open her mouth to shout, I quickly shove her forward and shut the door, locking it behind me.

"HELP!!!" she screams but seconds too late. I grab her by the throat and press her to the wall; she begins to thrash around, her face becoming purple by the second. She tries to scream but all that comes out is a strange gurgling. I let go and she crumples to the floor gasping for breath.

"This is going to be so fun, I can't wait to her you scream... in agony." I taunt

"No!!! No Carmen you can't do this!!" she shrieks, picking herself of the floor she comes toward me but I slam her against the wall before she even takes a step

"Don't. You. Dare." I seethe, I bring my hand back to slap her and she flinches, I enjoy the look of horror in eyes. Instead I do something even worse. Picking my knife up I carve the letter L onto her delicate skin, pressing deeper than I normally would, loving the pour of blood coming from it, dripping down her face. I reach my hand toward her, she shrinks back against the wall and I smile. Touching the blood on her neck I cover my hand in it. I grab her hair and drag her down the corridor, her squealing all the way, leaving a trail of blood behind me. At the end of the corridor are the music rooms, soundproof, perfect.

Barrelling into one I throw her on the ground, slowly I walk over to her, the clacking from my stiletto heels resonating around the room. She moves back into the wall as far as she can, pressing herself to it. I reach her outstretched legs and raise my stiletto clad foot and bring it down on her leg with a sickening crunch, she wails and withers, knowing it must have been excruciatingly painful, I do the same to the other leg. Loving the way she acts in pain I want to do more things to get this reaction.

Deciding to leave my knife for the night, I throw it at the wall, mere centimetres above her head. Crouching over her, I pick up her hand. The smell of her fear over whelming, the terror in her eyes, so much stronger than the rest I know this will be my favourite murder. That and how much I know it will hurt Her. I begin to snap each one of her figures in half, starting with the figure of her friendship ring. Each yelp quieter than the one before until only a stifled gasp is heard. Knowing midnight will be here before I know it I begin my last trick.

I take my knife and carve a hole directly in the back of her neck. I slowly insert my fingers into the hole and start tugging on the spine. Finding where a rough area is that seems to be sharp and sticking into the middle back area I use my knife to cut into that area and disconnect the tissues holding onto the spine. Then slowly I take the spine out of her back with my fingers.

Her breathing is laboured; luckily she only has 3 minutes to wait before I kill her. I watch the seconds tick down and I raise my dagger high above her chest.

"" She wimperes ""

And I plunge it into her chest and she dies.

I complete my task by painting her face with makeup, turning to leave I finish by writing one thing next to her in her own blood, underlining it with her spine. I wipe myself clean and return back to the party

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