Chapter Thirteen: The Castration

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If you have a weak stomach, don't like gory scenes, or are still innocent of mind, I advise not reading this chapter. Just a warning. <3

"Maggie, I swear to God, when I get out of this mess, I'm going to kill you!"

Maggie opened her pocket knife and held the blade to Connor's neck; Connor flinched when he felt the blade at his neck.

"Go ahead and try it, Connor. But I highly doubt you can escape those ropes, I tied you down tight enough, so struggle all you want but it ain't gonna stop me from doing what I'm going to do to you."

Maggie pulled the pocket knife away and closed it again. She walked over to the other end of the table where she'd tied down Connor's legs and removed the ice for a moment.

"Let me know if this hurts." She stated as she pinched one of Connor's testicles.

"OW! Yeah that hurts!" He yelled.

Maggie put the ice back on his testicles and walked over to her bookshelf. She sat down on the bookshelf again and looked down at Connor with an evil smirk appearing on her face. Her plan was slowly falling into place.

"Connor, you're getting a taste of your own medicine. Did I deserve any of my "accidents"? You probably stalked me way before we met, you stupid pedophile."

"I'm not a pedophile, I swear."

"Liar! You probably killed other girls, or at least tried to kill them. How long have you had them, longer than me?"

"I never kidnapped any other girls but you."

"What about Rosie? What are you going to do with her once she gets older? You going to cause her pain like you did to me?"

"NO! Why would I do that to her?"

"Because, you're a sick man, Connor."

Connor slammed his head on the table and tried struggling free from the ropes, but he knew it was useless. He wanted to take care of Rosie, not hurt her, he thought Maggie was just jealous and was getting revenge for it. Connor began to chuckle and then it broke into a laugh.

"What are you laughing at, pedophile?"

"You're just being a jealous, insecure teenager, Maggie. This is just a stupid, teenage game to you."

"Teenage? Yes. Game. . .?" She walked over to the end of the table where Connor's head was. ". . . No."

"Then what the fuck is this, Maggie?"

"Stop your fucking yelling! And I told you already, revenge."

Connor fell silent and Maggie did too. Maggie glared at Connor as if she were burning a hole through him. Eventaully, Maggie backed off and went to go sit on her bed. She looked at the bloody sheets she had slept in for nearly a year now and she was growing thin fast. She got back up and went upstairs to the kitchen.

"Where do you think you're going, Miss Sassy Mouth, Maggie?" Connor called from behind her, still tied to the table.

Maggie chuckled and looked over her shoulder at Connor, an evil smile was spread across her face. She looked back up stairs and continued up the stairs until she reached the kitchen.

When Maggie was upstairs, she went into the fridge and found some vodka and she also found some Pepsi. She grabbed a can of Pepsi for herself and the vodka . . . for other special needs.

"Heh, I knew something fun would appear up in this house, I finally found my fun. . . Also, my revenge." She said to herself.

Meanwhile, back at Maggie's home. . .

Oh my god, Maggie's been gone for nearly a year! What hell has happened to her? Maggie's older brother; Carlos, thought to himself.

Carlos was now nineteen years old, and he was out of high school, but wasn't looking foward to moving out of his house. He would miss his dad and step-mom and his new step-brother who was born on January nineteenth.

"I need to find out where my sister went, or who took her." Carlos told himself as his long black, bangs covered his pale green eyes as they began to tear up. Carlos worried about his sister deeply and wanted her back home.

Back at Connor's house. . .

Maggie had the Pepsi and the vodka in her hands, she was ready for her revenge to begin. She opened her can of Pepsi and took a sip of it as she went down the stairs to begin Connor's castration.

"I hope you're ready Connor, 'cause I'm going to numb your balls up to the extreme, and not the sexual term, if that's what you're thinking."

"I wasn't thinking that, you sick bitch."

"You shouldn't talk that way to me after you got me pregnant and killed my son, that was also yours too."

"I don't care, he's dead, he was dead after three days, drop it already! And drop your little "revenge" act."

"This isn't an act, Connor. This is real, I'm not playing around. Who knows how many girls you got pregnant, especially ones who wanted you to get them pregnant."

Connor fell silent and lay his head on the table and panted, beginning to squirm again to get free.

Maggie slammed the bottle of vodka at the end of the table where Connor's legs were tied and walked over to the end where his head was, grabbing his bangs to make him look up at her.

"Stop your wiggling!" Maggie growled.

She let go of Connor's bangs and got her Pepsi can and took another drink. She put it down again and grabbed shaving cream and a razor that she'd brought down secretly.

"You're not really gonna shave me, are you?" Connor chuckled.

"Heh, you think this is funny? 'Cause, if I was in your situation, I would be screaming." Maggie stated.

Maggie sprayed shaving cream on Connor's testicles and she got a washcloth and wiped her hands to get the rest of the shaving cream off her hands. She grabbed the razor and began shaving Connor's testicles carefully.

"Stop it, Maggie." Connor yelled.

Maggie just shook her head and contiuned what she was doing. Once she was finished, she cleaned the razor off and took the bowl water, razor and shaving cream back upstairs; she didn't say a word to Connor as she walked up the stairs.

Connor sat quietly and looked up the ceiling and he was thinking how to get free before it was too late. He couldn't think of anything, Maggie had her hooks in him so deep; her plan was falling right into place like she wanted.

Maggie came back down with a pair of blue rubber gloves in one hand and a couple surgical tools in her other hand.

"Get ready Connor, Rosie is the last baby that you're gonna have in your life time." Maggie sneered.

Connor struggled once more but this time Maggie ignored him and placed the tools on top of the book shelf. She grabbed the vodka and opened the bottle up and poured some on Connor's testicles, in which case made them sting; making Connor whimper in pain.

Maggie placed the bag of ice on Connor's testicles again and waited for about twenty mintues to began the surgical process. After the twenty minutes passed, Maggie began the surgical process but before she began ,she gave Connor a shot to put him to sleep so he wouldn't feel anything. A mercy he didn't deserve, but she wasn't as stoic as he was. She couldn't listen to someone's screams of pain.

About an hour later, the surgery was done and Connor was all stitched up and Maggie had gotten her first part of revenge completed. She felt heartless for Connor. All her torture had turned into nothing but pure hatred.

~Damn. . .This chapter took forever to do. But, anyway if you think this may gross you out, I suggest you don't read it. Also, a fan wanted me to suggest a story for you guys, it's called Fallen Hearts. I think its good story so you read it, maybe you'll think it's good. Well I hope you like this chapter. I don't know exactly when I'll post the next chapter since I want to start a story that mentioned in my story previews book so I'll probably have my hands full. Till next time fans, enjoy. :)

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