Out of a book into real life

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I liked Adrian and Wade. They made me laugh. Antonio needs to learn from them. I grabbed my stuff from my locker and walked out to meet Luke when I came out to find Cole waiting for me.

I walked over to him, "where's Luke?"

"He had a late class. Asked me to pick you up," he said to me.

"But his class ends at one," I looked at him confused. "Luke picks me up. Mom and dad drop me off. You make me snacks."

"Rain, I promise he had a late class," he explained.

"You're lying," I said getting upset. I started pacing back and forth. "Luke picks me up." I started self talking which I did when my schedule was disrupted. I paced back and forth, talking to myself as Cole tried to calm me. It wasn't working.

He made a call as I kept going back and forth.

Then I heard someone say, "think about Pinky Pie."

I stopped and turned, "what?" Antonio walked towards me.

"Pinky Pie. She would make a party, right?"

"Well, yeah."

"Then think of this like a surprise party," he reasoned.

"But there's no balloons," I looked at him confused. "Pinky Pie has balloons."

"And your absolutely right. Stay right there," he said as he ran back to the car. I stood there. I refused to move from my spot even though Cole tried to coax me.

As I stood there and waited, a car pulled up. Dad got out and walked over to me, "Rain? Everything okay?"

"Antonio said to stay put. So, I'm staying put. Cole told me I needed to go with him but I have to wait for Antonio," I said to him.

"Okay," he sighed as he stood there with me.

A few minutes later, Antonio, along with Adrian and Wade walked towards us carrying balloons. I stood there as Antonio put on some music. They started dancing and I couldn't help but laugh.

Dad and Cole looked at me as I watched them, laughing. They did this silly dance as Antonio handed me a balloon.

"Got to have music, balloons, dancing to have a party according to Pinky Pie," he grinned as I smiled.

I started dancing as they did too. This was fun. Antonio moved around me and I laughed. I jumped around, moving my arms around in a flailing motion. I didn't know dancing could be fun.

Then he handed the balloons to the guys and walked over to me. He took my hand in his and placed his and on my lower back. He instructed me to put my hand on his shoulder. Then he danced with me. I stumbled but he took his time with me.

I looked at my feet as he walked me through the steps.

My dad and brother watched us as we danced in the parking lot. This was so much fun. Antonio was a good teacher. As we danced, people saw us and walked over to see what was going on.

I kept watching my feet as he talked calmly to me. When the song ended, he stopped. I looked at him, "why did you stop?"

"Because the song ended."

"Can we dance to another song?" I looked at him anxiously.

He looked at me and smiled, "Sure."

He scrolled through his songs and found one.

He took my hand and I placed my other on his shoulder. We started dancing.

"Rainbow, look at me and follow my lead," he coaxed me.

"What if I fall?" I looked down.

"I'll catch you."

I looked at him, "you promise because if you promise, you can't break your promise. Dad said it's bad to break your promise."

"I promise. Place your feet on top of mine," he advised. I nodded as I stepped on top of his sneakers. He moved and I moved with him. I looked at him and he made eye contact. When I tried to divert my eyes, he moved to catch my eyes.

He maintained eye contact with me as we danced.  People watched and whispered as my dad and brother watched us.  I didn't care about the whispers. I kept looking at Antonio's eyes.

He moved with me and before I knew it, I had moved off his feet and was dancing with him. The first time I stumbled, he made his hold more firm. He kept his promise. 

We danced until the song finished then we stopped.  He let go of me and leaned over, giving me a small kiss on the cheek, "thank you for the dance."

"Thank you for not letting me fall."  I did something unexpectedly. I placed my hands on his shoulders as I stood on my toes, giving him a soft kiss on the cheek.

I stepped back as I looked at his expression, "was that not right?  You gave me a kiss on the check. I was just returning it."

"No, it was fine," he said as I looked at him. He turned and walked away. I felt so confused. People were talking and whispering. I looked at Adrian and Wade who looked at me apologetically.

I turned and looked at my dad, "I don't understand. Did I do something wrong?  Was I not suppose to do that?"

"Oh hunny," dad said.

"I don't understand dad.  What did I do wrong?  Should I have not done that?"  I started getting upset.

Then I heard someone yell, "no one likes you weirdo!"

I turned to them, "I'm not weird!"

People stared at me.

"Why are you staring at me?!  I'm not weird!"  I started to having a meltdown as dad walked over to me. He spun me around.

"Rain look at me," he said making eye contact. "You're not weird and you did nothing wrong. Let's go home," he said firmly. I nodded as he walked me to the car. Once he got me situated, he turned around walked over to everyone.

"You'd be good to learn tolerance. Once you leave here, your safety net is gone. Get a clue and move on. Leave my daughter alone," he barked before going back to the car.

Cole got into his car and we left, going home.  When we got home, I went straight to my room.  Everything was out of sorts. This was all Luke's fault. He should have been there. He should have picked me up. 

When Luke got home, he came up to my room.

"Rain.  I'm sorry," he said.

"You should have been there!  You didn't come!  Cole came!  You always pick me up!"

"Rain, I had a late class. I'm sorry. I promise I will be there tomorrow," he assured me.

I looked at him as he walked over to me and hugged me.

"Please come tomorrow."

"I promise I will be there tomorrow, my little Rainbow," he reassured me.

Tomorrow Luke would be there and I wouldn't have to worry about anyone calling me names or Antonio confusing me. Tomorrow Luke would be there. He promised me. Not Cole, Luke. Because he promised and dad says we never break our promise.

This is typical behavior for a child with autism to react when their routine's are broken. My daughter needs to be told what we are doing and kept to it. I never tell her anything in advance in case plans change. She's gotten better but she struggled with it a lot growing up.

It's all a learning experience with her.

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