Chapter 10

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Omg I was so happy when the maddens said Chris' name I nearly screamed! I know he will do great things in the future!! Love him so much!


Tara's POV

Honestly I feel so much worse today, I keep getting bad flashbacks of horrible things that have happened in my past and I don't know why! All I did was get hit in the head with a ball and fall to the ground now I'm getting horrible flashbacks of my past.

You see when I was like in year 5 I would get bullied about how 'ugly' 'fat' 'no one likes me' and things like that this moment in my life made me feel like i didn't belong in this world, I was excluded at school and I just didnt like how I was feeling.

It was like my mind had a huge volcano filled with horrible things people have said to me or about me it just kept exploding in my head. It's worse because it's a school day and I'm starting off with horrible memories of my past I just want to focus on the present!

I felt tears run slowly down my face, I whipped them off softly but they just kept coming. I slowly got up from my bed, whipped my nose carefully since it was runny from my tears.

I noticed a huge patch of tears about the size of both my hands together on my pillow, I flipped it over hoping no one would notice I've been crying.

I took a slight look in the mirror, I looked like a mess my eyes were red and I had little signs on my face that would make you know straight away that I've been crying.

I threw on my school clothes carelessly and got ready, I really do not want to be at school today it will be the worst if these flashbacks keep coming.

It was time, time to see everyone lets hope fingers cross that I don't start crying because that would just be embarrassing. I was quite early walking to the bus today so I decided why not just bring ear phones and listen to music because it often honestly makes me feel better. It makes me just get away from things that I want to avoid.

I walked onto the bus leaving my ear phones in, I just don't really feel like talking to anyone right now. Everyone started staring at me as I walked on, I found an empty seat and sat there I wasn't really close to my friends but I wasn't to far away.

Indie's POV

Tara walked onto the bus, she looked so sad. I should go talk to her.

"Guys, I'm gonna go see what's up with Tara," I called out.

"Do you want me to go instead?" Chris added.

"Nah it's okay," I assured him.

I walked slowly up to her thinking what I would say to her.

"Tara? Are you okay?" I tapped her on the shoulder while asking.

"Yeah I'm fine," she responded I could tell something was up she looked up at me for two seconds and I could see her holding back tears, than a tear raced off her cheek she whipped it quickly.

I hugged her tighter than ever, I felt like I was going to start crying with her. Maybe it's Chris? Hmm I hope she tells me.

"Okay you know if you need me I'm here to talk I won't judge or anything," I made sure she knew I was there for her.

She just looked straight at her phone so I just walked off. I think it's me oh no! What did I do now?!

5 seconds later I heard my phone go off telling me I received a message.

It was from Tara!

Tara: Okay please please don't tell the others, I trust you Indie not to tell anyone! Okay so remember in year 5 when like Brad, Zac, Olivia, Rebecca and all them use to bully me and say I'm fat and ugly and all that yeah? for some reasons since this morning these flashbacks of those moments keep exploding in my head, and it's making me start to cry.

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