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when yoongi first met namjoon, the younger was in an abusive relationship.

yoongi wishes he realized it much earlier, not realizing it until seven months after they had become friends when yoongi walked in on namjoon changing and noticed the many bruises on his back and stomach.

that was the day yoongi realized he had fallen in love, and also when he almost went to jail for murder.


it was only three months after that incident did yoongi actually ask namjoon out.

he wanted to give him time to recover from his relationship, and also give namjoon time to trust him more and be more comfortable and loose when he was alone with him.

yoongi's heart soared when namjoon agreed to go on a date with him with a light pink hue on his cheeks.

yoongi liked that he still had some innocence despite his past. it made him even happier than he already was around namjoon.


by the time their one year anniversary rolled around, yoongi asked namjoon about what he'd been putting off for the sake of namjoon.

their first time together.

he made sure they were both comfortable, laying on their living room couch with a movie playing on the TV.

namjoon made it very sure that he wanted to keep their anniversary simple.

yoongi wasn't focused on the movie, but more on the soft strands of namjoon's newly peach colored hair. he was addicted to the strawberry shampoo the younger used.

"hey, nammie," he mumbled softly, shifting slightly so he could get the taller to sit up.

namjoon hummed and moves his head so his chin was resting on yoongi's chest.

the older smiled softly at him and spoke the words that had been on his mind since the first of the month, "do you think you're ready?"

namjoon's breathe hitched as the picture of them, together together on their bed or in their kitchen popped into his brain. a blush flared on his cheeks and he quickly sat up and covered his face and squealed.

yoongi laughed loudly at his shy boyfriend and cooed, "aw, is little joonie shy? is he scared of how good he's gonna feel stuffed full? how loud he's gonna be? how he's gonna beg-"

"s-shut up," namjoon yelled and quickly covered yoongi's mouth. he could feel the older smirk under his hands and the blush on his cheeks only darkened.

he could feel the small man's large hands wander to his hips, and namjoon quickly became aware of his position on his lap and the quickly growing hardness under his ass.

he accidentally let a whine slip out when yoongi moved his small hips upwards and his dick pressed in between his cheeks. he reached down to press against his hips and spoke out a weak, "w-wait, god."

yoongi sat up and pulled him closer, his lips rubbing against the smooth skin on namjoon's neck, "why, baby boy? it seems like you want this just as much as I do."

yoongi reached and sqeezed the small bulge in namjoon's shorts and he let out a small moan. he quickly caught himself before he fell forward onto yoongi.

it had been a long time since he'd felt like this.


their first time together was sweet.

yoongi wanted namjoon to be the most comfortable so he let namjoon ride him.

with namjoon being a virgin, they spent a while prepping him for yoongi's surprisingly long and thick package and he was able to after him slowly sinking down on him.

yoongi had to coax namjoon into being more vocal. ( he swears it's not by massaging his prostate )

once namjoon began to accept the pleasure he was feeling, tears rolled down his face from how good he felt. yoongi didn't expect himself to get even hornier from and plan to make him cry more whenever they fucked.

yoongi wasn't expecting namjoon to call him 'sir' but when he did, something in yoongi broke and he thrusted up into namjoon, making sure to hit his prostate each time.

when yoongi came, he kept his dick pressed against namjoon's sweet spot and the younger cried even harder at the intense feeling as he came.


[ imma try and update more for those who care lol. ily ♡ ]

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