•It All Started With A Bag | McKelly•

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It was your average day at Westerburg High. Well, it was if you're one of the jocks. Ram Sweeney, in his third year as Linebacker, his eighth year of smacking lunchtrays and being a huge dick, was currently beating the snot out of a random Freshman as his best friend, Kurt Kelly, the Quarterback of the Rottweilers, held the nerd's arms so he couldn't fight back. Why were they doing this? Oh, yeah, the nerd had the nerve to call Ram a pussy.

"You wanna say that again, skank?!" Ram sneered, socking the poor boy in the face. Usually, Kurt would join in with some remark about answering his best friend, but instead, he had been more distracted lately. He had a crush, but on who wasn't as obvious. But the blonde he like liked walked past, chatting to her two friends, one dressed in red and walking just a bit ahead of her, and the other in green, walking at the same pace. Yes, it was The Heathers™.

Kurt shook his head as the three most popular girls watched the fight happen, as Ram was hitting the freshman in the stomach repeatedly, and the boy was now bruised, and cowering, "Now what do you say, bitch?!" Ram almost yelled.

The boy gulped, "I-I'm a.." He began, as Ram smirked, nudging Kurt who also grinned, though he was still distracted a little, "What are you, a sissy?" The Quarterback sneered, as Ram gave Kurt a look of approval as the shaking kid nodded, "Say it." Ram chuckled.

"F-Fine! I'm a sissy!" The boy yelled, and Kurt let go as Ram shoved the Freshman into the trashcan, and the two footballers had brofisted, "Punch it in!" They laughed in sync, as they also chucked in finger guns, because they both felt like it. Then the leader of The Heathers™, Heather Chandler, followed by her lap dogs, Heather Duke, and Heather McNamara, waltzed over. Chandler had a massive shit eating grin on her face and Duke had her arms crossed. Mac, the one Kurt had a crush on avoided eye contact with the blonde.

"Nicely done, boys." Chandler cooed, as Ram grinned goofily, "He needed to be put in his place!" The darker haired boy nodded. Kurt gave a simple nod, as he kept glancing at Mac who had her gaze on the floor, occasionally glancing at him then blushing and looking away again. Kurt smiled a little, as he looked back at Chandler and Ram, who were chatting, as Duke had a knowing smirk, before whispering into Mac's ear and a small squeal followed by a hushed "Heather no-" coming from the smaller girl.

Duke looked back at Kurt, who had a small blush. Duke had an idea, she shipped this. Time to set them up! She grinned, which set off a bunch of alarms in Kurt and Mac's heads, "Hey, Heather?" Duke asked, turning to the red obsessed girl, "What, Heather?" Chandler raised a brow, folding her arms, as Duke whispered something in hers and Ram's ears, as Kurt tilted his head. Chandler then smirked, turning to Mac, "Heather, can you and Kurt get my bag from the English room? I'm busy."

"Oh- uh, sure, Heather." Mac obliged as Kurt nodded sheepishly, as the three continued to whisper as the two ship victims wandered off in that direction.


"Which room is her English room?" Kurt asked as they made to the English department, looking down the hallway at several classrooms. "Oh! Over here!" Mac smiled, and Kurt's heart fluttered. She was so damn adorable. Mac pulled him to the empty classroom, shutting the door behind them, skipping around the room whilst Kurt looked at the board, "Subject Terminology… the hell?"

"It's what we're learning!…I think." Mac shrugged, grabbing the ruby red bag, "Gotcha!" She cheered, and then the two locked eyes, and both blushed furiously, "U-Uh, we should get going back-" Kurt started, as Mac nodded, not trusting her mouth, ans the two walked back together.

When they got back, Chandler, Duke and Ram were gone, "Ugh, they never wait.." Mac mumbled, "I would wait, Heather." Kurt blurted, then blushed profusely. Mac blushed, and they'd probably be able to camouflage into Chandler's blazer. Speaking of, they didn't know where any of them went, so they went looking. Together. Not that it was a problem, neither was complaining, but both of their crushes were growing for eachother.


It had been atleast twenty minutes of searching, and neither of our duo had seen head or hide of the leader of the school. Seriously, when you didn't want her, she'd be right behind you. But the one time you need her, she's vanished from the face of the Earth. They hadn't of spotted Duke or Ram either, ans that just ticked them off more.

"Seriously!? The one time we need them.." Kurt exclaimed, then felt a certain girl hug him tight, "Heather…?" Mac started to ramble about how she though they abandoned her and the fact that a spider crawled on her leg.

"Woah, woah, woah," Kurt crouched down, embracing her in his arms fully, "Shh, calm down, it's okay, let it all out, I'm here.."

And then, Mac rambled, vented, and sobbed hard into his shoulder, "Dont worry, they haven't abandoned us..," Kurt soothed, "They're just hiding like preschoolers." He joked, and earned a shaky giggle from the girl in his lap.

"Hey, Kurt?"


No words were shared after, just a long, passionate kiss.

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