"I'm What?"

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3 weeks after the Daxamite invasion has ended. Mon-El has left Earth because of the lead in the atmosphere.

- - - -
"Hey, you okay?" Clark asked Kara.
"I'm fine." Kara replied.
"Do you feel like taking a fly over the city?" Asked Clark, hoping his cousin would say more than two words to him his entire visit. He knew she was upset, but it was so unlike her and he was worried.
"Yeah, I guess so." She said. Clark smiled at her and they flew out of the loft window together. They had flown past CatCo, when Kara groaned and suddenly began to fall. Clark caught her and laid her down in a parking lot.
"Kara, what just happened? Are you okay?" He said worriedly. She didn't respond. "I'm taking you to the DEO." He picked her up and flew her to the DEO.

Kara woke up as they were landing at the DEO. Clark put her down and Kara was stumbling over her own feet and stammering, "This is ridiculous, I'm fine." Kara said unconvincingly. Clark didn't want to discourage her, so he said, "I know, but I think we should run some tests on you just to be sure." Alex took Kara from Clark and laid her on a table. After a little while the results came back. Alex was in complete and utter shock.
"What is it?" Said Kara with a worried expression on her face. But Alex didn't seem upset, scared or worried. She was smiling.
"Oh my God. Kara. You're pregnant." Said Alex excitedly.
"Are you serious?" Said Kara, not nearly as excited as her sister was.
"I'm serious. I'm so happy for you." Said Alex, just now realizing how shocked and scared her sister looked, "What's the matter?"
"It nothing, I'm fine." Kara replied, lying through her teeth.

The next day, Kara had caught up with Clark on the street. As soon as he saw her he asked, "So what came back on your tests yesterday, what's going on?" Kara hesitated, and said, "I'm, uh... I'm pregnant." She said unenthusiastically. "Kara, that's great!" Clark replied, but as soon as he said it, he immediately noticed how sad she looked. "You don't look very excited, what's wrong?" Kara knew he'd keep asking if she didn't tell him so she told him straight up, "I'm just... I'm scared to do this without him." Clark pulled her into a hug and replied, "Hey, it's gonna be fine. You still have at least five people who will be more than willing to help you, including me. It's gonna be alright, I promise." He kissed her on the head, and Kara started to breakdown in his arms, and he pulled her in tighter attempting to console her.

That night Kara had a dream that Mon-El had never left and he was in bed with her. He said, "I can't wait for this little baby." And Kara replied, "You'll be a great father." "And you'll be the best mom ever." Said Mon-El, sweetly kissing her forehead. She laid her head on his chest, nuzzling into his chin. Then they were in the kitchen and Mon-El was making breakfast like he normally would. "Thanks for making breakfast." Kara said. "Of course, Babe." He replied "I just want everything to be perfect." And he looked into her comets, and she looked back into his and said, "It already is." And she woke up in bed alone. She softly whispered, "I wish you were here for this. I miss you."

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