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"I'm going to be your mommy."

He looked at you.

"Ha-ha, yeah," Jungkook mocked.

"What?" you furrowed your eyebrows.

"Yeah yeah, now bend over," he demanded.

"I thought I told you already," you scoffed, "I'm going to be dom."

"Oh, you were serious," he gasped.

This motherfucker.

"Tch," you tsked.

You grabbed his waist and stood on your toes to whisper, "Now baby, are you sure about that?"

"Y-yes! I'm the dominate one," Jungkook exclaimed.

You pushed him on the bed and climbed on him,  straddling him. You pushed his bangs aside as you began to grind on him.

Small groans escaped his mouth. 

"Are you still sure about that?" you questioned, "Cause you body doesn't agree."

You noticed his erection.

"F-fuck you!" 

"Mmhh, is that how to talk to your mommy?" you asked.

"Y-yes," he quietly answered.

"Nope, incorrect," you said, "I think you deserve a punishment."


You chuckled. 

This is going to be fun.

You opened the drawer next to the bed, looking thought the stuff.

You licked you lips as you found what you were looking for.

A cock ring.

You slipped it on relatively easily, due to the precum leaking out of him.  You started to pumped his length in a slow, and teasing way. 

"S-stop teasing," he whined.

"Really? You've been a bad boy, I don't think you deserve it."

He moaned as you started pumping faster.

"I f-feel close," he whined

(forgive me I don't really know how cock rings work)

"W-why can't I cum?"

"Oh honey, that's how it works."

"W-what?! Take it off!"

I slapped it inner thigh. He gasped in surprise.

"Did I ever say you could demand me?" I glared.

"No mommy," Jungkook obediently shook his head.

"Good boy," you praised.

You sat on his crotch and began leaving a trail of kisses, leaving a few hickeys here and there.  You stopped until your face was as his fully erected length.


You took in all in.

He moaned at the feeling of your hot cavern surrounding him.


You sucked his as he grabbed your hair. Tears formed in your eye as his length hit the end of you throat.  You added your tongue, licking the sides of his dick. He trusted him into you.

He was a moaning mess.

"A-ah shit!" he cursed, "Just let be cum! I'll be good mommy!"

You thought for a bit, but then allowing him get want he wants, knowing that you've tortured him enough.

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