[EXTRA] Alex X Terrance LEMON!

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I ship them too, but I also shipped Ken and Alex, I ship them all! XD

Terrance is top and Alex is bottom.

Anyway, I might do more EXTRA chapters about the other ships.

Also, the EXTRA chapters have nothing to do with the main story plot! It's basically fanservice is all. 

Anyway, enjoy my terrible attempt at lemon!


Sera's POV

"Excuse me, sir!" after knocking on the door and there was no response I've decided to enter the office, there sat on a comfy black chair was the sexiest man I've ever met, instead of wearing a boring stuffy shirt and tie, he was wearing his own casual clothes which revealed his sexy slender nape. 

I unconsciously gulped at the sight of him, "What do you want?" he sighs in frustration while tapping his finger on the wooden desk, "oh uhm are you, Sensei Terrance Fang,?" he irks angrily from my words, "do not call me sensei!" scaring me with his sharp glare I shake in fear, "s-so sorry sir!" he sighs once more clearly irritated but yet for some reasons his face seems rather flustered.

"Quickly state your business mhm!" he holds his voice back, "i-is there something of the matter sir?!" just as I was about to approach him he stopped me with a raise of his hand, "just a headache" he rubs his temple, "I see" he wasn't very convincing, "then here are some letters from Mel sensei" even though I was not referring to him as sensei it was clear as day he was irritated when I said 'sensei'.

He snatched the letters out of my hand and pointed towards the door, "good job now leave" I nodded and quickly left his office, even though he was really sexy he was very scary, how do girls find him attractive? 

Terrance's POV

He sighs rather irritated until he heard a gasp from below, "Alex who said you stop?" I look down to see a naked Alex with teary eyes while gasping for air, "what the hell was that for!?" Alex says angrily, "you nearly made me choke!" I giggle at his cute dirty state.

"Sorry, it's just that you were so bad at giving me a blow job so I had to help myself~" I smirk as he blushed, "anyway Alex get up here on my lap" he looks at me confused but did as I said but avoids my hard member.

"Raise your legs and place them on the desk" he did as I told with his back on my chest as I pulled out a tube of sticky liquid, "spread your legs" I whisper into his sensitive ears as he gingerly did as told.

Pouring the sticky liquid on his half hard member he slightly shivers at the cold sensation, "it's cold" he whispers in my ear which just turned me on even more, with my tall proud member I rubbed the two together causing him to moan in pleasure as he grips onto my arms, but he was a bit too loud "Alex suck it" I pushed in three fingers into his mouth as he begins to wet it like a lollipop.

Thanks to his occupied mouth he wasn't too loud to catch the attention of outsiders, "good boy~" he tries to mumble something but I continued rubbing faster and rougher, "Mhm! Mh!" I pulled out my fingers curious about what he was going to say, "I-I'm gonna cum!" he pants but before he orgasmed I clench his member roughly conflicting pain, "Ah! w-what was that for?!" he looks at me angrily, "well if you cum now we wouldn't be able to have proper sex."

He blushes brighter knowing what I meant, "anyway let's continue, I wanna quickly stretch you out so I can get inside of you" he hides his embarrassed face from me.

Using my moist fingers I slowly pushed in one finger, "Ah!" he moans at the new sensation, slowly I moved my slender finger in and out whilst watching his reaction, his eyes were teary, his hair is a mess, his cheeks are bright red and a bit moist from stray tears, he looks so cute.

After feeling it stretch out I pushed in Player 2 to join the party in the hole, he holds his voice back using his hands but even when he does that his muffled voice echoes in the empty room.

From the look of his face, I can tell he was in pain and I didn't like that so I placed soft kisses on his neck while rubbing his half hard member, the pleasure counterattacks the pain and because of that his mind slowly becomes messy like a puddle.

He didn't know what to feel, thanks to the pleasure I was able to enter Player 3 into the party and slowly stir his inside out.

"Are you okay Alex?" I whisper into his soft ear as he nodded in response, "good~" as I nipped the tip of his ear, because of that his entrance was ready.

"Alex?" he looks at me confused as I pull out all three players, "get off me and turn my way" still confused he did as I told and once I patted my lap he already knew what to do, facing me this time as he hovers over my hard member.

"Sit down" I smirk as I watch him slowly descend onto my member and moans in the process, "T-Terry" he cries as he was unable to swallow the whole thing up, "it's okay" I whisper into his ear as he leans his head onto my shoulder. Whilst one hand rubs his back, another rubs his hard member to help ease him up, "mhm!" he moans into my shoulder as he slowly goes further down and swallowed the whole thing up.

I slightly moan in pleasure as I felt his tight hole wrap around my whole sausage.

"Good boy~" I whisper as he wrapped his arms around me, "s-sensei!" he slowly jumps up and down, even though he called me sensei I didn't feel too irritated about it, his slow movements got me frustrated for I wish to pound into him harshly but since it is his first time I cannot move much but instead hold his waist as he slowly jumps back up and down.

I watch him his tears stream down as he moans so I licked his salty tears away as I rubbed his member faster, in an instant, I felt his tight wall loosen up from the pleasure, I thought I could keep my cool since it was Alex's first time, but "Sensei~" he lustfully whispers into my ear, "more~" my sense of reason snapped.

Holding him by the torso, I lifted him up while keeping my member inside and cleared the desk to lay Alex on top, I look over him with hungry eyes; pulling off my shirt as I licked my lips, "s-sensei?" he looks at me confused until he felt the strong movements in his insides.

"W-wait sensei!" he moans loudly in response to my fast rough movement, I continued even when he pleads and calls out my name but I couldn't stop and kept going turning his inside into mush as I watch his face twist and becomes sloppy from the intense pleasure he's experiencing for the first time.

"I-I'm gwonna cum!" he couldn't think straight so his words became disarray as he holds tightly onto my naked back creating scratch marks as he moans loudly until my ear until finally the two of us climaxed almost simultaneously.

His dirty cream went all over his stomach while my seeds were leaking from his inside as I pull out.

Slumping back onto the leather chair I felt exhausted, I look up at the mess I made and regretted one thing, should've used a condom.

After taking a moment to rest and cleaned up the mess as well pulling our clothes on, while resting on my armchair Alex decided to climb onto my lap to rest along with me and before we knew it we slowly fall asleep in each other's warmth.

End of EXTRA!

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