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(no pics, just words tho)

Years ago, I remember it being popular to take the Seme/Uke quiz. Turns out the site is still up and running and they've created a new version. For those who don't know, Seme and Uke are tropes in Japanese BL that dictate who tops and bottoms. They're usually based on irrelevant, trivial things like frame size, innocence, and aggressiveness but what I like about this quiz is that it kind of shits on that. Kind of. The few mentions of submission in the questions deal with BDSM kinks (though it does assume subs bottom). And there are no questions like, "Do you get mistaken for a girl/have enormous hands?" and shit so...

Anyway, not only does the quiz tell you whether you're Seme or Uke. It also tells you what type of Seme and Uke you are. AND it tells you your compatibility with other types. So, because I was bored and feeling nostalgic, I headed over and had my characters take the quiz! Let's see what their results are!

I've copied the questions here and the answers they would've selected. In parentheses is their personalized input. I've done Riley and Eran. Next up....

Jay and Elias

1. Mmm... this first question is so gooood.... what does it taste like?
Jay: ("C**. 😜 Jk. Bourbon. And c**. 😂) Ahem, that's not listed so let's go with the closest choice available: wine. 
Elias: why am I doing this? ("😑")

2. If you described yourself in one word, what would it be?
Jay: sexy 
Elias: intelligent

3. Your charm point:
Jay: your fun personality 
Elias: your ability to get shit done

4. Doing a little shopping, you notice a sexy studded collar and leash set... you immediately:
Jay: hope the collar is lined with silk, because the feel of silk against your skin is hot
Elias: don't usually go for that kind of shit, but could possibly be persuaded to buy it for your partner if they really wanted it

5. You're finding yourself tired and thirsty, you decide to go for:
Jay: a cold beer 
Elias: spring water with a sprig of lemon

6. Ah, but after that drink you really have to go... The bathroom is crowded, so you decide to:
Jay: *go* outside
Elias: stand outside the door and wait for everyone to leave 

7. You like to sing! And usually it's:
Jay: in the bath
Elias: I don't sing.

8. Your socks right now:
Jay: have holes 
Elias: no socks - I go barefoot

9. You've always thought it would be amazingly awesome to be:
Jay: sucked into a computer world where you got to complete an epic quest! *thumbs up* ("Video games ftw! 🤘")
Elias: ("I don't really see anything that fits, so I'll just pick my childhood aspiration.") a superhero 

10. It's good to use your body, yes it is... and you like to:
Jay: lay around ("I wanted to pick nude trapeze because lol. But I figured a personality test only works if you're honest. Maybe next time.") Even with the nude trapeze answer, his results are still the same, though...
Elias: fence (as in proper sword fighting) ("I've never done fencing but I like to jog? This is close, right?")

11. Your perfect partner must be:
Jay: able to see through your bullshit
Elias: loyal and intelligent

12. Your lover must also be able to:
Jay: fix your car whenever it breaks down ~ and look hot doing it
Elias: excite and amaze you

13. Your ideal way to spend an evening with your significant other...
Jay: erotic food play with you in bondage
Elias: snacks and movies   

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