Fade - Chapter 1

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The two lead one another into a room piled with broken records, a small bed sleeping in the corner. No words are uttered as the clicking of the door sounds. In an instant, Ciel's arms are wrapped around Sebastian, his mouth working feverishly against his.
S-Seba-stian..." mutters the boy as his body is easily lifted from the ground and set on the dusty bed, the vacant sheets shifting beneath him. No need for either of the two to sleep; the beds stay neat though the time spent in the mansion. Sebastian's hands glide lazily across the young demon's stomach, earning a small sigh from Ciel as he drapes his arms around Sebastian's neck, closing his eyes in a smirk. Sebastian leans down further, savoring the taste of Ciel on his tongue. Ciel leans back as the kisses his neck over and over, taking his time in licking the shall of his ear. The former Phantomhive's smirk fades as his mouth hangs slightly open, his eyes still closed in bliss.
He becomes very hot, hastily shrugging off his black overcoat before returning to gaze endlessly into Sebastian's glowing eyes, trailing a finger along his jaw... his neck... and down to his chest, gripping his shirt tightly in his strong grip. "Kiss me again." Is the un-necessary order that comes, followed by Sebastian's tongue lightly pressing against his lips. He welcome's the intrusion, his fingers entangling themselves in his hair.
The sound of a bell rings in the distance, disturbing the crown surrounding the manor.
"Hurt me. Deprive me. Love me. Hold me. "
His commands are always the same, though the situation would not vary if these orders had never been uttered. Ciel's bite is strong, his emotions wild; evenly matched against Sebastian. As his mystery continues, Sebastian shall stand by gracefully. Now, as they lay there on the unused bed, the bell still sounds steadily over the wolfs howl; the onset of night approaching.
"Yes, my lord."
Sebastian's answer is always the same.

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