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You sat in the passenger seat of the car, head against the headrest. Rick and Daryl were outside, staying on watch and recovering from last nights events.

Daryl and Rick didn't always get along but thank goodness they did. Rick was your brother, Daryl was your boyfriend.

"You're my brother," you heard Rick say to Daryl who gave a scoff "which is weird because you're with my sister, but I love you like a brother, but not really because, ya know?"

"No, I get it. I may be redneck but incest was never my game," Daryl emitted a small chuckle "I love her, like a whole lot"

"I know you do. I trust you with her. You should go see her now actually, don't worry about me"

"You sure?"

"Yeah, go check on my sister, brother" Rick smirked, Daryl elbowing him in the side in response before getting up.

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