I get a wand that is apparently the brother of my worst enemy and Harry Potter

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About an hour later we had bought all of the equipment from the supply list except for a wand and my Hogwarts uniforms. "Umm... Should I buy a wand first?" I asked, looking up at Kingsley. "That depends on what you would like, and afterwards you should get an owl, or a toad or cat." He said and I nodded. "I want a wand first. Where do I get one?" I asked, looking at Kingsley again. "Ollivanders is the best place, everyone gets their wands at Ollivanders. I did, your mother did." I smiled at him. Kingsley led me towards a shower where you could see shelves upon shelves of long, thin boxes with wands on display through the large glass windows. Above the door hung a huge sign with Ollivanders written in large, golden letters. 

I carefully pushed the door open and walked through the door which creaked slightly. I stepped on a loose floorboard and it creaked loudly. I winced at the sudden loud noise, I hate stuff like that. I looked around, it was dark, I had gotten goosebumps because it was relatively cold and everything had a mysterious feeling to it. "Hullo?" I called, wondering if maybe the owner of the place was out for some reason. "Hello." Someone replied from the dark aisles in between the many shelves. I didn't even jump when the old man, who I assumed must be Mr. Ollivander walked out of the shadows. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kingsley give me a slightly impressed look. "Ah, Miss Black, I assumed that you would be coming soon, since I saw Mister Potter earlier today. (A/N: I'm not sure if Harry got his robes before or after his wand because I don't actually own a copy of the first book and I haven't been to the library in a while so... I'm just gonna say he got his wand first.) Come to buy a wand, I assume?" Ollivander asked me, walking around the counter and standing in front of me. I nodded shyly, looking down at the floor. "Okay then. Let's see..." Ollivander said as a measuring tape flew through the air and started to measure everything on my body. "umm..." I muttered, watching the thing measure how long it was between my elbow and my shoulder. "What- why are you measuring me?" I asked hesitantly but Ollivander was already walking along the shelves full of wand boxes, looking for some. He waved his hand and the measuring tape fell to the ground at my feet. "Ummm... Ok?" I muttered, staring at the measuring tape on the floor, blinking.

Ollivanders came back with about five wand boxes. He picked up the first one and waved me over to him. "Beach wood, dragon heartstring, eleven inches, swishy." Mr. Ollivander said and handed me the wand. I stared at it for a few seconds in confusion, not knowing what I was supposed to do. "well, give it a flick!" Ollivander said. "Oh, umm.... Ok." I muttered and flicked the wand. Three of the floorboards suddenly snapped in two and I immediately dropped the wand on the counter again. "Not that one, definitely not that one..." Ollivander said and put the wand back in it's box, placing it in a pile to the side. He opened another box after pulling out his own wand and fixing the floor. He handed me a slightly longer wand made out of slightly darker wood and I carefully took it, as if it were a bomb that was about to blow up. "Unicorn hair, Maple wood, eleven and three quarter inches, slightly flexible." Ollivander told me and I carefully flicked the wand. Ollivanders hair suddenly floofed, as if he had been electrocuted and he blinked multiple times. "Yeah, no... That is definitely not it." He said, grabbing the wand out of my hand. "Sorry..." I said, grimacing as I looked at the floor. "It is completely normal." Ollivander said, handing me yet another wand.

"Blackthorn, phoenix feather, twelve inches, surprisingly swishy." Ollivander said after we had gone through about forty wands, none of them working for me. He placed the wand in my palm and immediately warmth spred from my fingertips and through my entire body. Red and gold sparks trailed from the end of the wand as I swished it through the air a bit. "curious... Very curious that this wand chose you..." Ollivander muttered, looking thoughtful. "What? Why is it curious that this wand... Chose me?" I asked hesitately. "Well, the core of your wand is the brother of He Who Must Not Be Named and Mr Potter's wands." He said and I blinked. "The ... brother?" I asked, staring at Ollivander in confusion. "The Phoenix feather in your wand comes from the same phoenix as the cores of He Who Must Not Be Named and Harry Potter, those are the only other two wands made from a feather from that specific phoenix." Ollivander explained and my jaw dropped. "So... You're telling me... My wand and that of the evilist wizard in history and Harry Potter are... Brothers?" I asked and Mr. Ollivander nodded. "Wow... That's just... Wow." I said and shook myself out of my shock. "How much for the wand?" I asked as I put it back in it's box. "Nothing, as a thanks for helping defeat He Who Must Not Be Named." He said and I shook my head. "No, here. I want to at least pay something." I said, handing him ten of the golden coins. He shook his head. "I won't allow you to pay for it, it is a gift." I shook my head. "Then so is that." I said, smiling at Mr. Ollivander and turned around, grabbing my wand. Before leaving I turned around to face Mr Ollivander one more time. "It was nice meeting you, Mr Ollivander." I said, smiling at him. "It was my honor to meet you, miss Black." He replied and I walked out of the shop along with Kingsley. "And now for my robes..." I said, looking up at Kingsley. "Where do I get those?" I asked. "Madam Malkins is the best place I would say." He said and pointed down the street to a shop with manacins wearing robes were on display through the windows. "Well, then off to Madam Malkins!" I said cheerfully, which was something that I didn't do often, and I kind of skipped towards the shop, Kingsley chuckling as he followed me.

(A/N: sorry that the chapter is relatively short, but, it's hard to make this much longer... Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this.)

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