Chapter Thirty-One: The source of his happiness.

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Chapter Thirty-One: The source of his happiness.

Tuesday Evening, 5:45 pm

LYDIA sat beside Chris, wishing he'd've waited a few minutes before sitting down beside her. She wanted to tell George that she would catch him. To tell him she'd always be there to catch him.

George rolled his eyes at his best friend who was talking about Noah Centineo. An actor he's been obsessed with, ever since 'to all the boys I loved before.'

He looked at Lydia who was staring at a poster, deep in thought. Hopefully not planning an escape route, he thought as he turned back to his friend.

Chris could sense something was going on with the two, there was tension in the air which didn't suit them.

They were both too happy in the others company usually, but they were alone then. Chris was intruding and he felt like that was the cause of the tension. So, he grinned, "I've gotta get going, see you around Lydia."

He tousled George's hair before winking at him as he walked past him. He wanted George to be happy and if that meant leaving him and the source of that happiness alone for a while. He would; because he'd do anything for that guy.

Lydia's lips turned into a frown as Chris walked out of the diner, she shouldn't have wished for him to leave. Glancing at George, who's eyebrows were furrowed and his eyes focused on the table.

She bit her lip before shaking her head," George?"

His eyes met hers as her voice registered with him, a voice he loved. He tried to read her eyes, to try to get a hint of what was going on in her head.

Though she told him before he could dispatcher them.

"I'd catch you."


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