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Maddie p.o.v

Zach-Why has Jack been ignoring me.
Maddie-Honestly I don't know
Zach-I saw him talking to Sydnie the other.......
Maddie-I knew it sydnie said something to him.
Zach-Are you going to talk to him.
Maddie-No I'm going to talk to Sydnie.

Zach p.o.v
When we got home I talked to Jack.

Zach-Jack why have you been ignoring Maddie.
Zach-What did she say
Jack-Maddie can be using me
Zach-Ha she is clearly not
Jack-How do you know that
Zach-Because she is one of the nicest people ever. She let you put her in a locker.
Jack-That doesn't matter its tude
Jack-Yes tude like attitude
Maddie-Who has attitude
Maddie-Why are you mad at me
Jack-Because I feel as if your using me
Jack-We're breaking up

Zach p.o.v

Zach-Are you for real Jack
Jack-Don't you are you for real Jack me ok I bullies her and there has to be a good reason why.
Zach-Because you liked her.
Jack-No like something weird an......YOU BULLIED HER TOO
Zach-What how
Jack-When I pushed her back and you threw her on the ground.
Zach-Oh shit.
Zach-No she'll never forgive me.
Maddie-What do you want.
Jack-Who all bullied you
Jack-All of the names
Maddie-Dante, Sassy, Emma, Ondre, Josh, Tyrone, James, Jack, Jake, Jack, Daniel, Jonah, and....
Jack-Zach bullied you too.
Maddie-He did. I trusted you. And now I shouldn't. I totally forgot.
Zach-Seriously I only pushed you. And you dated the worst bully.
Maddie-He was the worst bully I had.
Jack-No I wasn't. I know that your up to something. Which is why I can't be around you.

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