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   Published 10/22/18

Hot that's what I felt, I felt like I was burning. I opened my eyes and all I saw was red. I stood up looking around watching people run by me screaming in fear. I turn and reach for a young girl running by me but my hand goes right through her. I gasp and step back starring at my hand in shock. My skin was blue and transparent. I slowly look to the ground and I saw my body. I covered my mouth taking a few steps back. What was going on, I was dead. Legolas has his memories back.
All around me was fire, and people screaming and children crying. What was happening. Child a voice called out I spun around and came face to face with an owl. It was snow White with brown markings

I watched in aw as the owl was consumed in a white glow and transformed into a beautiful women with big white wings

I took a few steps back in shock. "Wh-who are you" I stuttered? "Be still child for I shall not harm you" she said walking closer to me. I held my ground till she was only a few feet away from me. "I am your guardian, my name has of no importance" she spoke softly. "Your time is not yet up, in your life of the living, you still have much to do, I shall give you 2 gifts, one shall be your life and the second one shall be that half of your soul shall be awakened" she spoke to me. "What do you mean half my soul shall be awakened" i question? "My dear you are the daughter of the god of water" she stated simply. I was shocked before i could say anything more. She grabbed her axe from her hip and lifted it into the air. I froze and covered my face with my arms scared of what she was doing. I felt the impact of the axe but there was no pain. I opened my eyes, and found myself laying on the ground, I heard screams of terror and extreme heat. I sat up slowly and looked at my hand. My hand was no longer transparent. I was alive!! I sat up quickly my wound no longer hurting I looked to where i was stabbed and saw only a scar. I heard a small hoot and turned around and saw a white owl sitting on a railing. I smiled at it. "Thank you" I said and ran off. I felt power flowing through my entire body. I was not just a mermaid but I was also a demi god. I ran into a building and went straight for the roof. As I looked at lake town in flames a dark voice got my attention. There flying in the sky a dragon. That dragon was smaug. I felt a change happen in my body, I felt a cold sensation. I looked down at my body and saw glowing blue markings start to appear. I also felt it in my eyes. I looked up at smaug with anger. Let the battle begin.

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