Message from Hell (Episode 3)

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Warning: This episode contains scenes of NSFW Content and scenes of suicide, if you are triggered/sensitive by these topics we suggest for you to not carry on reading. If you know someone going through this or you are personally we suggest:

America: 1-800-273-8255

United Kingdom:

Los Angeles, Magical Arts Approval House, 1854

A man with long braided dark hair and eyes as red as blood sits at a desk with a big white card on top of a dozen brown boxes. Sitting on the card like a king rests a big red stamp lined with a red grizzly bear on the California flag, on the letter reads:

Augusta, Georgia, United States

Gillette Way, Number 111

Ms. McDonald

A woman with circular glasses and a high blonde ponytail scoops up the letters about to be sent to one hundred and sixty five witches and wizards around America to attend the first year of Magical Arts Approval. The ponytail lady looks sharply at the man who fiddles with the papers by his desk, her dark brown eyes fixate onto his as he opens to speak to the woman.

Man: Ms. Krakze, are you sure you want exactly 165 students this year?

Kyphi Krakze: We need as many witches and wizards on the front line against the Hunters.

Man: So you're going to be using them?

Kyphi now slams her left hand on the desk, a deep red flame growing upon her face. 

Kyphi Krakze: This is the biggest war our world has ever seen against the Humans, over 600 witches and wizards have died and only 142 Hunters... so yes we need more.

The redness finally turns back to its pale white color as she marches off. A distant twinkle can be heard from outside as the frame focuses on Kyphi walking down the corridor, out in the windows the sky turns bright for a second and a crash making Kyphi's body fly back, the camera turning black.

It opens back up as the man steps over the rubble and stone to lean down and touch Kyphi's bleeding head, she whimpers and cries. Across the street the man can notice two figures with a rabbit and werewolf mask run away, distant sirens can be heard and Kyphi's cries turn muffled.

Kyphi Krakze: Save yourself... Llama.


The scene changes to Jasmine Clyde. The person with the rabbit mask grabs hold of her coat and stabs her back, her screams echo as the camera changes to her face, screaming in a dark room as a knife stabs her even more, she attempts to grab the mask but the masked man grabs a bigger knife and stabs her in the stomach causing her to lay silently. The rabbit man grabs her body and sits her down on a chair next to a checkered table, the man sits on the other side and starts to bang on the table as Jasmine's eyes are rolled up and her tongue peeps out like a meerkat. 

The scenes change to Jasmine on a spiny wheel and the masked man throwing darts at her, Jasmine in a car while the masked man creepily laughs as they speed on a highway, Jasmine in a tub while the masked man scrubs her back. The last scene consists of Jasmine lying on the bed while the masked man preforms necrophilia on Jasmine, he looks into the camera while moving up and down. He looks at her on the bed and ties a bow on her before dumping her on the House's front door.

The Next Day

The camera focuses back on Jasmine holding her head while screaming, she echoes "Sophie" before laughing at the camera. Sophie jolts upwards and stares at the wall, her hair acting like a lion and her clothes covered in pillow feathers and last nights pizza. Kieghan lies on her right, her head buried into a pepperoni pizza while snoring and on the floor sits Kalani with Chelsea placing her head on his lap, both fast asleep. A buzz from her left side vibrates her leg and alternately wakes Kieghan from the pizza rubbing against her right cheek, they both rummage through the bed covers before finally finding the shiny light, on the service writes "Rachel Poppies" with seven missed calls and six texts. Sophie flicks through the messages in order:

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