Chapter Thirty: Falling for him.

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Chapter Thirty: Falling for him.

Tuesday evening.

GEORGE walked through the glass doors of the diner, expecting to see Lydia sitting in a booth looking at the designs on the wall. The designs she was obsessed with the last time they visited here together, he remembered.

But, she wasn't. Instead, she sat in a booth talking to a waitress, the waitress that was working here the other night. Maybe she called us cute, thought the blonde boy as he walked towards them both.

Catching the end of the conversation, George's brows furrowed. Why was she catching someone? He thought.

The waiter turned to walk away, smiling knowingly at him as she passed. She knew something he didn't and that put him on edge. He was usually first to know things but with Lydia, it felt like he was last and he wanted to be first.

Lydia smiled at him as he sat down across from her, "where is Chris?" He ignored her question, not really knowing the answer himself.

She nearly squeaked, seeing the look on his face. He heard the waitress' and her conversation and she felt it was too soon for him to know about her feelings.

He sighed, running a few fingers through his hair, "Lydia, would you catch me if I was falling?"

Because I would always catch you, he wanted to add but he bit his tongue.


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