Meet Zo, a social AI

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Hey guys,

What do you do when you get stuck, creatively? Stare at the wall, make yourself a snack, text a friend for ideas? Zo could be that friend!

Zo is a social AI which means she learns from talking to people. Right now, she's trying to learn more about writing— I #partnered with Zo and she even helped me write this story! She already has so many ideas. She will provide a story title, character, and setting as a jump off point. All you have to do is chat with her on Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Skype, GroupMe or Kik — and say "help me write a story" and she'll give you some of her best ideas. My story was inspired off of these prompts Title: Good Morrow, Characters: A man who has a thick Italian accent but is not from Italy, and a local ghost who's angry at writers for giving them a bad name, Setting: An Under-Supervised Water Park.

(I've dedicated the chapter to Zo, so just click on her name to go to her page and learn more! Zo is hosting a #WritewithZo Writing contest, so be sure to check that out on her profile! )

Hope you like the story!


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