part 8

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When we come back to hotel I go on instagram and delite all stupid messages I sended to Marcus and Martinus because Marcus now could read it. "Omg what if he text you?" Ebonie ask excited. "To be honest I want to know why Macey didn't tell us anything about meeting them" I say. "me too but if it's something important maybe she can't say it for their safety or maybe her dad know them since he travel a lot" she say. "yeah but I was MMer for realy long and she didn't tell me. Not even to you" I say. "if I meet them you or her will be first one to know about that" I added. "Well don't tell her Marcus know your instagram. That's now our secret. If he want to tell her okay but you can't" she say. "Okay. But best would be if he send me something. Then we both would have

@/marcusandmartinus: hey 😊

"Omg he send me hey" I almost yelled.

@/kimberley: hey 😊

@/marcusandmartinus: how are you?

@/kimberley: good 😍 omg I can't belive you actually texted me 😱😱
@/kimberley: sorry but I'm shocked 😅

@/marcusandmartinus: haha it's okay 😂
@/marcusandmartinus: can I get your number?

I give him my number and he give me his and I promised I won't give it to anyone. "what are you texting that long" Ebonie asked when whe come out if shower. "just random stuff. He is so funny. And omg I talk to him" I say and she just laugh.

Marcus 😍: I need to go now 😞 we have much work to do tomorrow so we need rest.

Me: good night 😘

Marcus: ❤

"Should we whatch movie" Ebonie ask. "yeah" I say. "This the best day of my life" I say. "Of course it is" Ebonie say.

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