Chapter 105: Heroes Return

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Rose Cruce members accomplished their goal and managed to help their comrade Byakuya regain the powers that were righteously his (or, more precisely, Sun Dragon Ketsuryuu's, who resided within him), so they returned to their Order while the Zodiac Council underwent a serious change in terms of its members, and the only old members to be left were Tiger's grandparents - Georg and Sandy Braun. They appointed other, more virtuous and righteous members in others' places. As for Rose Cruce, they received a new member, Enya Hrodford, who had decided to join the order where her sister operated - thus, all of the twelve Celestial Lords gathered in a single order, rendering it the most powerful of all. Edmund Jaeger, as the magister of the most powerful order, flew unto seventh heaven (not to mention that the two strongest dragons, the Twin Dragon Kings, belonged to his order as well).

Danielle and Tim were quite happy for their children's safe return. Tim had a sweet reunion with his wife Nina too, and Nick was joyful to see Diana again, as they both longed for each other quite a lot while Nick was away. One of the sweetest reunions occurred between Scott and Danielle, who rushed towards each other and hugged each other tightly as soon as Scott's dragon Fireball landed in front of the Order building.

 One of the sweetest reunions occurred between Scott and Danielle, who rushed towards each other and hugged each other tightly as soon as Scott's dragon Fireball landed in front of the Order building

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"I missed you all so much... I was so worried, Scott!" Danielle looked up at her beloved man with tearful eyes.

"I longed for you too, Dana..." Scott beamed back, wiping her tears away. "I am so happy we are finally together again... And so much has happened! Our girls were so amazing! I must tell you all of it!" he grinned excitedly and grabbed her hand, wanting to share all his bright experience with her. She too watched him with overjoyed eyes, being all ears for what he had to retell.

The Rose Cruce Order threw a huge party that evening, celebrating the brethren's long-awaited return and the success of their joint mission.

As for injured Byakuya, he was taken to his room and Nora immediately went upstairs to tend to his wounds. Many others needed treatment too, because, no matter they hadn't gone unconscious, they still were injured from many battles they had undergone. Tamie, after she was cured of her own wounds, quickly accessed Byakuya's room and, together with Kokuyo, sat there for hours, watching the young man and longing for when he would finally wake up, so she could reunite with him at last... But of course, these two spent a lot of time with their friends in the hall too, as they were willing to share the common joy for the victory.

However, one person was still uneasy. No, not a person, rather a substance... It was Debbie. She dwelt in unconscious Byakuya's dream world but had the information on everything that was going on, and she felt ashamed of herself - ashamed that she, a faithful sword, failed to keep her oath and protect her master at all costs... The sword that Byakuya wielded, and that represented Debbie, was broken in the battle against Marvin Wagner, so she had undergone torturous pain and waited in sorrow when her master would finally awaken and forge a new sword so that her astral body too could recover from its grave injuries. But the biggest injury she received was the fact that her will was shattered, and it was the most painful thing for any weapon, as when the will of a weapon breaks, the weapon loses all of its powers (such an event, when a Weapon Muse loses their will, is the cause of why a weapon master loses their will of fight and their heart fills with fear and doubts).

Debbie spent nights and days thinking about her heartbreaking situation, and finally, she decided to make a risky move (as she was a Sword Muse, she was quite used to taking risks), which might cost her life, but on which depended her whole future as well (because, unless she made such a move, her shattered will would never be reborn, and she'd remain a useless muse, eventually to fade away).

If I don't dare ask him for it, I might never bring myself to... fight ever again... she thought with tears in her eyes.

So one night, when everyone had gone to bed, Debbie lurked out of her master's conscience and sneaked into Tamie Wingfield's dream world.

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