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How do I support this?

Supporting #VillainsArePeopleToo is easy. All you have to do is add #VillainsArePeopleToo to your bio if you want to support it, if you'd like to go a step further you can create a story and tag it with #VillainsArePeopleToo.

How do I get my story noticed?

Well just use the tag on your story and I will add it to my reading list. Or you could private message me the link but please don't advertise on my message board.

What if the theme doesn't come in until later, can I still tag my story?

Of course! As long as your character becomes a villain at some point in the story then you can add your story!

Does the story have to be specifically created for the project or can it be a story you have that has themes of a villains backstory?

It doesn't have to be specifically made for this campaign. Anything with a backstory for your vil qualifies!

Do the themes have to be spelled out? Or can it be subtle?

It can be either way. As long as the theme is in your story it counts!

As people ask more questions I'll add them into this part

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