Friends and enemies

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I had practice and met up with Morris and Adrian. My mind kept playing over and over what Rainbow said.  This lead to me not being able to focus.

"Man what's your deal," Morris asked me.

"Just got things on my mind," I told him.

"Well, you better get your mind on the game or coach will have your ass," Adrian said as I looked at him.

We practiced and afterwards, I showered and changed. I walked out to find Morris and Adrian waiting for me.

"So, want to tell us what that was all about of the field," Morris asked me.

"I got paired with Rainbow Hardwick for my social work," I told them and they let out a low whistle.

"How'd that go," Adrian asked me.

"Well, I think she hates me. Called me a liar and told me she was going to quiz me on my little pony," I told them.  They laughed.

"Not helping," I told them.

"Dude, your problem is you think all girls are going to believe your shit you dish out to them. Be honest with the girl.  Rainbow Hardwick may be different but she's still a person," Morris advised me.

"Yeah too bad others don't see it that way," Adrian scoffed.

"She's not a bad person. I just don't understand why everyone acts like that with her," I said to them.

"Typical high school mentality. It's all bullshit if you ask me. We're all here just to get through it. There's no reason to make life harder than it is," Morris said.

Just then we were met by Ella and Darcy. Oh joy.

"So bang any chicks recently," Ella smirked.

"Blow any guys recently," I retorted as her smirk faded.

Morris and Adrian snickered.

"You're such an ass Tony," she huffed.

"And you're a lying cheating whore," I snapped.

"Well, at least they know how to fuck unlike you, you dickless asshole," she hissed.

"Yeah keep telling yourself that.  Maybe one day people will see you for the mattress Mary you already are," I countered as I walked away.

"Burnnnnn," Morris laughed.

"Looks like you just got your ass handed to you on a silver plater twat," Adrian chuckled as they both walked away.

Fucking Ella. I can't believe I wasted two years of my life on that stupid bitch.  Darcy was no better. Like they say, everyone is a sheep.

I went home and was met by my mom, "How was school and practice?"

"It was okay. They paired me with a girl at school who has autism," I told her.

"Does this girl have a name," she asked.

"Rainbow," I answered.

"Then I would suggest you say Rainbow and not a girl with autism. It's rude," she warned me.

"Yes mom," I said. Got to love Italian parents. They don't put up with your shit.

Dad walked in shortly after. He gave mom a kiss then looked at me, "How was school?"

"I have to work with a girl named Rainbow who has autism," I answered as mom smacked me upside the head. "What?"

"Figure I would save some time when some stupid shit comes out of your mouth next," she shrugged as dad chuckled.

"Is the girl nice," he asked me.

"She called me a liar."

"Smart girl," he smirked. My parents were no help.

"Well, don't be a liar," mom added.

I just looked at them.

"Son, we didn't raise you to lie, cheat or steal.  We taught you to be honest, thoughtful and caring. Maybe this girl is exactly what you need," my dad told me.  That's what worried me. I had a feeling I would be entering a world I knew nothing about.

I had something to eat before working on my homework. My parents felt I was taking on too much but I needed to get scholarships for school. They didn't have the money to send me.

We weren't rich but we weren't poor either. Dad provided for us but he didn't make enough so I could go to college.  In fact, he walked away from money when he chose to marry mom over a woman my grandparents picked for him.  Being old school Italians they wanted an Italian woman for him. Dad chose an American woman who was half Italian.

They met when mom was an exchange student. Dad fell in love with her instantly. My grandparents disapproved but dad chose mom over them.  It was a pretty messed up situation.

The same thing with Ella. We got together before sophomore year when I met her at a picnic. She seemed like the perfect girl except looks can be deceiving.  Two years into our relationship, caught her in the backseat of a guy's car.  She tried to tell me it's not what it looks like.

Having a guy's dick inside you pretty much tells me what it looks like.  I promptly dumped her ass after I beat the hell out of the guy. Yeah I got a temper and don't care.

The sucky part is she was my first with everything. I lost my virginity to her, only to be repaid in kind.  Note the sarcasm.

Now I got to learn about Rainbow. It'll look good on my college application, along with everything else. It's only for the semester.

At some point I fell asleep and my parents moved my books away, while covering me up. They turned off the light and closed the door.

"He's pushing himself too hard," mom said to dad.

"Marta, maybe this girl will help him," dad said to her.

"Tony, I pray this girl is nothing like the last one. My baby was hurt," she said with furrowed brows.

"I know but Antonio has a good head on his shoulders. I think this will be a good learning experience for him.  He needs a different view than the one he has," he assured her.

She nodded as they went to bed.

The truth was what I didn't know was how right my parents were. I have a feeling Rainbow was going to change my life in a way I never expected.

Be prepared because Rain and Antonio are about to step into each other's world.

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