Chapter 21: *Laughs gayly while a rainbow forms in the background*

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He led me to his personal office and sat me down on a chair whilst he makes hot chocolate, "Alex Von Hellsing" he says loudly over the sound of him mixing his hot chocolate, "you're a national treasure with all the abilities and some new ones that have never been discovered before." he finished his hot chocolate and walks over to slump down on his comfy leather chair.

"All 4 of the royal families wants you" he sips his cup after a couple of blows, "o-okay and?" I questioned slightly cautious about this guy, "... I've been assigned to help you and personally assist you with your magical abilities and help you balance them out" he continues drinking.

I look at him confused "what? but why?" how on earth can a guy like him help me? "you're thinking about bad things about me aren't you?" I gulped, did he just read my mind? as I widen my eyes, "n-no" I lied, "... you're bad at lying" he says while stirring his hot chocolate.

I swallowed my saliva once more, "If you don't mind me speaking my mind sensei-" rudely he interrupted me, "do not call me sensei. I ain't into that kind of crap" he finishes off his hot chocolate, "-then Terrance, sorry but I don't think you are capable of helping me" after the results came out about my magical abilities the royal families have been trying to find a magic teacher to help me control and master my magical abilities.

However, none were proved to be any useful. None could control my abilities and would immediately retire from their position, that's why I had to learn how to master my own abilities on my own, most were easy to do but because of some of my other recently found abilities, I had no idea what to do and how to control it.

The new abilities are teleporting and creation.

it's not easy the two of them, teleporting got me in trouble once by teleporting me into a random person's bathroom while they were showering when I only wanted to teleport to the kitchen, I was hungry and lazy that day.

Creation... well I wanted to make to make new clothes for me so I don't have to waste money, but instead, certain toys were created instead... I won't say what toys they were.

Anyway, let's just say both new abilities were troublesome and I can't master them properly without getting into trouble, there's no books or guidance so I decided to just focus on the abilities that everyone is aware of. I even tried to use two of my abilities at once but it caused too much pain in my body so I couldn't since it was normal for people that have at least 2 abilities, balancing both of them was easy, but not for me.

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