Chapter Five

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FIVE Aladdin

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"Look me in the eye and tell me that you don't love me."

"I don't love you."

The cold hard cement hurts my aching back, as I try to sleep. I twist and turn but nothing works. Nothing does. I just keep seeing his face, after I tell him I don't love him. Bellamy. It was the biggest lie I've told in my life.

And I hated him for it.

"Could you stop moving?" Roan's voice says, stirring my eyes open, I get up, crossing my legs.

"Yes, your highness." I fake bow, the man snarls at me. It was safe to say I had been a dick after I found out the man was a Azgeda prince. Who was banished by his own mother.

"Be careful Pakstoka." Roan bares his teeth at me. "I might have to beat you again."

"I had a rough day, so it doesn't count."

Roan laughs flicking the rock that he was playing with, at me. "I might have to challenge you to a rematch sometime."

"Wouldn't miss it." I say, before leaning back against the cool cement again. Roan talking to me, has distracted me from my growing heartache of Bellamy.

"Who was that man that you begged for me to save?" Roan asks me, his deep voice interrupting my thoughts. Well, that's that.

"That's none of your business." I say, looking up at the boring ceiling. I close my eyes when I think Roan isn't going to say anything again, but he does.

"You're a coward." Roan states like it's supposed to be offensive. Playing fair doesn't keep you alive.

"Bite me."

After that Roan doesn't talk to me, instead looks at a wall miserably. Unbelievably a finally fall asleep.


"You can hit harder than that!"


"Are you kidding me?"

I stop punching the bag, turning around to face my instructor. I narrow my eyes at Jen, who seems completely off guard by it.

"I'm sick of punching a damn bag." I say, crossing my arms and giving her a raised eyebrow. Jen smiles, completely taking me off guard.

"About damn time."

I gasp awake, running my hands through my hair, while trying to catch my breath. Roan shifts his weight slightly, and opens his eyes. He couldn't possibly be asleep while sitting against the wall.

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