Chapter 104: Where the True Strength Lies

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"Virgo Style, Tamer Art, Beast Mode - Green Ray of Moonlit Nature!"

"Sagittarius Style, Singer Art, Siren Mode - Blazing Claws of Tiger Mouse!"

"Libra Style, Writer Art, Demigoddess Mode - Triple Blue Fire Typhoon!"

The girls had surrounded the raged Blood Dragon beast and were attacking it from all angles, throwing the most powerful attacks up their sleeve. But the Blood Dragon was not an easy target - it growled and roared, rolling around in the air, and threw fire and burning light rays in all directions. The friends got hit and fell to the floor.

"Damn, it is too strong!" Riza frowned, getting up again.

"I thought Getsuryuu would easily beat it!" Tiger complained too.

"Duh! It is on a rampage. Our powers are equal so if I too, go berserk, still no one knows what the outcome might be!" Getsuryuu growled with his telepathic message.

"Then how about we all attack at the same time, and with our ultimate powers?" Tamie puckered, "Maybe, we might add so much power to Getsuryuu's energy that it overpowers the Blood Dragon's one?"

"That might actually work!" Riza brightened.

"Worth to give it a shot!" Tiger agreed too.

Just then, a large golden ray - the Blast of Sunlight - hit them from the Blood Dragon's part. They yelled in terror and hastily cast their defensive spells, but the Sunlight Blast broke through their shields and hit them hard. They coughed. Even their spirits had vanished, but Tiger had still maintained the fusion with her pets so none of them got separated from her. The friends stood up again, wiping the blood off their mouths.

"It is quite savage, I'll give it that," Riza sneered.

"But I am a Beast and therefore I am more savage!" Tiger grinned and sprang up.

"We must not give up girls," Tamie coughed and barely stood on her feet, "We cannot lose now... Not when our friends' lives are on the line!"


So they wove signs, building up their energy again:

"Mouse Spirit, Ring Twelve, Muse Fusion - Blazing Siren Tiger Mouse!"

"Ox Spirit, Ring Twelve, Fusion - Green Nature Dragon Ox!"

Tamie too was going to cast her spirit incantation when she heard a familiar deep, demonic voice in her head:

"Goddess... Let me, this once, lend you a hand..."

Tamie widened eyes - was it... Kokujin?

"W... What do you mean, 'this once'?" she astonishedly thought, replying to his offer. "Haven't you always been helping me?"

A demonic laugh sounded through her head.

"You surely know I am much more powerful than that, don't you?"

Tamie gasped - no way... was he willing to..?

"Edmond Meerjung has lent his complete power to his goddess right now, as he believes it is one of the gravest times..." Tamie, hearing Kokujin's words, indeed glanced over at Riza whose Mouse spirit had fused with her muse's Tiger one."I did not like lending you this ultimate power of mine, Tamie, because I feared you might not handle it due to your weaknesses... But now, as you've reached the final, Rank Eight of Writer Class, and also summoned the Twelfth ring of your own spirit, I guess I can finally entrust you with the power for which you named me 'Demon Lord'..."

In her conscience, Tamie saw Kokujin sitting on a black throne, grinning viciously as he was fired up with Blue Flames. Tears filled her eyes:

 Tears filled her eyes:

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