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Jack p.o.v

Sydnie-Hey Jack
Jack-Yes Sydnie
Sydnie-Hurt her
Jack-I can't
Jack-because thats not me I am a nice caring sweet boy and all you want me to do is be like you and I dont want to. I want to be me. I am being fake because I'm not being me. Plus why don't you even like her.
Sydnie-Something is up with her. I feel like she is just using you. I don't want my little brother to get hurt my Madison the same why you got hurt by Gaberiela.
Jack-She won't...
Sydnie-How do you know that.
Sydnie-Have fun little bro.
Sydnie-No problem

I went to go to the trampoline park with the boys and the girls. I had fun with the boys. I haven't really talked to Maddie.

Maddie-Jack why are you ignoring me.

With that I just walked away. I'll talk to her later. We got back in the car. We took 3 but I didn't want to be with Maddie. So it was Corbyn, Jonah, and Daniel. Maddie and Zach. Brittney and Me.

Bri-Why aren't you talking to Maddie.
Jack-Because Sydnie said that she co...
Bri-Don't listen to Sydnie. Maddie is not using you. She really likes you. Talk to her.

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