My Very First Meeting

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She didn't know why, but the garden had become her new favorite spot. Lena loved helping the gardener water the flowers. The new lady of the house recently learned that Mrs Smith is one of the workers that had served her husband's family the longest.

The kind gardener had told her many tales of her husbands mischievous childhood. Slowly, Lena started to get to know the workers in the mansion better.

Unlike other people, The Phantom does not practice slavery.

He does not have any slaves. All he had were workers. People who work with him and got paid monthly.

Before he was even born, The Phantom's family had prepared a few blocks of buildings not too far from their mansion. Those buildings were built specifically for their workers. Each family would get an apartment.

That would explain why most workers there had served The Phantom's family for ages.

Lena's husband never seemed to failed to surprised her. She had to admit, The Phantom was one of a kind.

A little smile creeped on her face when the young lady Luthor saw how the waterdrop on the flowers' petals sparkled as the sun shined above them.

Out of no where, just above her knee, Lena could feel a soft pull on her dress. The young lady turn around, and instantly she was met with a pair of glazing blue orbs.


Lena asked in such a soft, almost whisper tone.

The little boy took a step away from her. Standing neatly in his tailor made suit, Gabriel rubbed the back of his neck before pulling something out of his pocket. Lena already knew what it was.

It was a letter from her husband.

She never knew how or where Gabriel got all of his letters from, but he was always the one who gave the phantom's letter to her.

Carefully, the little boy handed the letter to Lena. With a smile, Lena took the letter from him. Gabriel never said a word to her, she doesn't know if it's because he is mute or he is just being shy. She really hoped it was the latter.

"Thank you very much, Gabriel. Why don't you go to the kitchen and ask for some sweets from Tania?"

A huge grin appear on the little boy's face. He nodded happily as he skipped his way to the kitchen. All without saying anything to Lena.

Once Gabriel could no longer be seen from where she was standing, Lena's attention turned to the letter in her hands. Her brows furrowed in confusion.

It wasn't a letter from her husband.

The phantom's letter are always sealed with a golden K.D  seal. The one one in her hands does not have such seal but instead, it is seal with a typical plain red seal.

To put an end to her confusion, Lena quickly read the letter.

She was right, it was not a letter from The Phantom. It is an invitation to visit Phantom Trade's main headquarter at Landon and have a meeting with the officers there.

Phantom Trade...

Now, where had she heard that name before? Oh, yeah, its the name of her husband's company.

But that doesn't make any sense... These type of meeting rarely involved woman. Most of the time only man are involved with these kind of meeting. Lena is a girl so, it is impossible for her to be involved in this meeting.

They must have meant the letter for her husband... But, then, it is clearly written on that letter that it is for her.

Lena's brows furrowed in confusion.

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