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"How can I help, Chiminie?"

Kim Taehyung waltzed absentmindedly into the rusty aircraft hangar of Yoongi and Hoseok's getaway ship.

The long, delicate-featured man wore a determined expression beneath his sheath of crimped silver hair. His mystical blue eyes twinkled at Chimin as he rolled up the sleeves of his magenta silk shirt, which hung in loose ripples around his slim frame.

 His mystical blue eyes twinkled at Chimin as he rolled up the sleeves of his magenta silk shirt, which hung in loose ripples around his slim frame

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Chimin stifled a yawn with the back of his hand. He was sporting white jogging pants and an oversized green sweatshirt with the sleeves flopping down over his hands.

He yawn-squinted down at a clipboard he was holding in both hands. Then Chimin answered groggily, "You mind rounding up the rest of the expedition team? They'd probably be happier to see you than me this early in the morning."

Tae gave a childlike, exaggerated frown at these words.

Chimin ran the back of a pen up the side of his creamy cheek and then slipped it behind one ear. "It's alright, Tae. I know what they think of me now. I was prepared for this."

Like a puppy watching a butterfly, Tae became momentarily distracted by the two nameless crewmembers who were hustling around where he and Chimin were standing. These unknown figures were moving boxes onto Chimin's expedition shuttle, their shuffling noises echoing and grinding inside of the hangar.

Then Tae snapped his attention back to that golden haired young man with the indecipherable eyes.

"Did you really know that Petra would kill Kookie?"

"There's the million dollar question." Chimin smirked. "Certainly no one is one hundred percent predictable, always, Tae. But I was highly certain."

Tae started biting at one of his nails, staring again at the small shuttle that would soon be housing Chimin, Lilith, Jin and Joon on their journey.

"That's not really the question you want to ask, is it?" Chimin tucked his clipboard under his arm. "Go on then, Tae. Spit it out."

Tae's crystal blue eyes shifted and twinkled back at Chimin--his irises haunting fragments of wonder, light, and unshed tears.

"I wanna know why you decided that Kookie's life was worth sacrificing. They said it was your idea. But...."

"If you're trying to figure out just how evil I really am, I'm not sure that I can answer that for you." Chimin's voice flickered with amusement."Yes, Tae. It really was my idea."

"But why, Chiminie? I know you said it was your best option at the time but... I still don't see why you did all this wanting him to die at the end of it all. Why not me or Jin instead?"

"Jin? In combat? Now that's a good joke."

A laugh like tinkling bells sounded from the golden man's smiling lips.

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