irrelevant foursome

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Yes, yes i know this was supposed to be JeffMads

Yes,yes I drew the cover lmao

And yes yes this is g a n g b a n g

Rev. set

But ofc its modern lmao

Lets jus make John smol slut

And its Laflams but Herc joins in~

Also I jus woke uo and my head hurts.

But anyways

Enjoy ;)


It was evening. Afternoon of autumn.

John was in their bedroom, looking for something.

Alex was on twitter, cause he did not have any smarter thing to do.

And Lafayette was doing dinner.

John took gelpen from they pen-box and began to add something on their sex/kink list.

Despite they have been dating over 6 years now, John was still not very confident when it comes to their kinks.

He was scared that he might be left.

That Laf and Alex would judge him and leave him.


He shook his head.

He simply added on list, of how much he craved for it. For a gangbang.

Yes, its been just three of em, but he always wanted to do a gangbang--


John jumped up, starteld.

"Oh hey!"

He heard Laf greeting, as he opened door.

He put the list in drawer and went to check who is it.

So John came down, in his sweatpants and just simple tshirt, only to see Hercules.

"Oh hey Herc! What up?" John greeted and hugged man once he came down.

"Hey John...uhh messed up." Herc answered hugging the smaller man back.

John blinked few times.

"Whats wrong Herc?" Alex said, hugging his friend while coming in.

"Peggy broke uo with me." Herc said, hus voice heartbroken.

"Oh no!" John said slowly.
"Want to drink something?" Laf offered.

"Yeah sure..." Hercules shrugged off, taking off beanie and his coat.

John was in living room, cuddling with Alex who was mentioning Herc to sit.

Laf was making them cocoa.

"So...what exactly haooend between you both?" John asked his friend.

"Well...she was crying and she came out that she is lesbian and that she loves girls." Herc said as John 'oohed'.

"Its fine, Herc." Alex smiled, supportive.

"Here." Laf said, outting four cups of cocoa.

They smiled and talked.

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