Chapter Four

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FOURHonour the Deal

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Honour the Deal

"I'm sorry, it won't happen again Jen." I say, softly, not wanting to provoke her. She was a real angry woman, but she said she needed me for her plan. Whatever that was.

The woman, Jen Romaine, paced backwards and forwards in front of me, her face going red. She pointed around the room, at the illegal weapons and dummies. "Do I have to remind you every day what it is we're doing here?"

"No." I say, looking down. The woman reached forward and grabbed my chin, pushing my head up.

"Never look down, it is a sign of weakness. I'm trying to make you strong Ava. Stronger than the council, stronger than those cowards that float innocent people. You-" She pauses. "Are the one that'll bring them down, I just know it."

The woman, holds a knife out to me. "Now throw it again, and this time hit the damn thing!"


We have been walking for hours, Sasha and I. Well technically, our horses were. We needed to get out of Trikru, and go somewhere. Maybe Floukru, there's someone who might help us there but seeing as though after Azgeda a couple of hours ago, no one would take us in. Unless Clarke takes credit for that too.

All the while Sasha remained in silence. It was kinda her thing, but after what happened I'd expect her to put in her two cents worth in about this. It was probably because when she was younger her and Lexa were a thing, before she became a solid bitch commander.

Either way, I'm screwed to hell. Like always. And Sasha's screwed along side me.

I sigh, taking out a packet of rations I stole from Arkadia. I chew on some dried figs for a while, before something stirs in the forest around me. Now what?

"Sasha." I say quietly, putting my hand on my dagger, and slowly my horse to a stop. She nods at me, then a whirring sound fills my ears, before an axe flies past me and into a tree. I can't whoever it is until I'm pulled off my horse, the person is fast.

I fall to the ground, looking up and a man, with long dark hair and dirty looking paint on his face. He tries to punch me, I move out of the road, so he hits the ground. I wrap my legs out from under him, and push up, making him fall back. I get up quickly.

The man tilts his head. "You're going to regret that, Pakstoka."

I mock his actions, as Sasha jumps down, taking the man by surprise, she swings her swords at him, he jumps back, pulling out a dagger of his own, eyeing her carefully. I reach for my dagger, but it's gone. I frantically look around for it, but something smacks into me.

I'm knocked out of my wits, feeling the whole forest spin around me. I look up. The man and Sasha fight, but the man is stronger, he kicks the sword away from her, and is about to drive his dagger down into her, when I throw myself at him, tackling him.

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