Chapter 6

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Beacon academy, RWBY POV

Ruby/Yang/Weiss:" WHAT?!"

Blake:" It's true. Me and Sun were gonna investigate at the dock when a bullhead arrived and the white fangs was there but Roman Torchwick is working with them. I was going to attack him when we saw those group of armour humans came out of nowhere and kill the white fangs and put unconscious him."

Yang:" Wait. They kill all of the white fangs."

She nodded it.

Blake:" Yes and also, not only them but an alien too."

Ruby:" Alien! So cool! I can't wait to meet him."

Weiss:" Ruby, we don't know if they're real."

Yang:" What she said is true, aliens are real and they're with them."

Blake:" And get this, those guys have jetpacks."

They were shocked that they have jetpacks that no Atlas can make that.

Weiss:" Jetpacks? Are they like from the movie."

Blake:" Yes, except they're real."

Then Ruby have a sparkle eyes of excitement.

Ruby:" I love jetpacks! I  want one!"

Weiss:" Are they Atlas?"

Blake:" No. They're not. They also said that Jaune is alive and he's safe with them."

They are shocked and surprised that Jaune is alive and he's with those unknown group. Then, Ruby said to them.

Ruby:" Alright! Let's find them and get some answers."

Weiss:" But how? We don't know where they are."

Yang:" Maybe we should-"

She was interrupted when someone is at the door knocking. She opened it to see TEAM (J)NPR standing there.

Yang:" Hey guys, what are you doing here."

Nora:" We heard what you and your friends said about Jaune is alive so me and my friends wanted to find him too."

Pyrrha:" Yes. I want to see him alive. I missed him, we all missed him."

Ren:" So that's why, we'll call our friends to find them."

They smiled to see his friends are determination to find them so they can see Jaune again. Then, out of nowhere, Sun is waiting outside gives them a spook.

Blake:" SUN! What are you doing here!"

Sun:" Hey, you're not the only to find him. Me and Neptune have been friend with Jaune since our childhood. We promised ourselves to be huntsmen someday and look each other, right Neptune?"

They look outside to see him standing there at the side of the wall.

Weiss:" How did you get up there?"

Neptune:" Well, I'm a cool guy so I know how to get here."

Then he started to feel scared a bit.

Neptune:" Okay, seriously, can I come in, please."

The Holy Arc POV

Captain Keyes was sitting there to see any ships that comes here while drinking his cup. Albert came to see him.

Keyes:" Ah, You're here. How's your son doing down there?"

Albert:" He's fine. Just getting out the information from a criminal named Roman Torchwick."

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