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Hello Darklings and welcome to the great Halloween Vault. Man, are you in for a treat! 🎃

Whether you are a writer, a reader, or somewhere in between, you are in the right place! We have AWESOME Halloween activities planned for the whole month of October. That's right, every day!

Are you sitting? Good, because that's not all folks! This book was prepared for you by 23 ambassador-managed profiles and 3 international profiles. There will be prompts, book hunts, other fun, and you'll find the Halloween Vault on all participating profiles: 

   @_Dark_Fantasy @_creepy_pasta @_Once_Upon @_ShortStory_ @_SteamPunk @BeyondSol @CoffeeCommunity @Fantasy @justwriteit @music @OUATfans @retold @sport @superhero @Urban-fantasy @WattFest @WattAmbChronicle @WattSupernatural @WattVampires @WattZombie @werewolf @YA and @Romance 

You can also find a version of the Halloween Vault on three international profiles: AmbassadorsMYAmbassadorsRo and AmbassadorsJP.

You can also find a version of the Halloween Vault on three international profiles: AmbassadorsMY, AmbassadorsRo and AmbassadorsJP

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What exactly will you find in the Halloween Vault?

Prompts - The 23 participating profiles will offer a writing challenge. It doesn't matter where you play or which Halloween Vault you choose. All entries will land in one pool as long as you use the submission form provided in each chapter.

Scavenger Hunt - Some of the profiles will have games available for our avid readers out there. The clue that's provided will help you find a certain story on one of their reading lists. Figure out the clue, go to the corresponding profile, search through their reading lists, and send them your guess via the submission form provided in that round.

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