Chapter 30

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A story that belongs ten years from the past.
According to the real estate agent, the house belonged to a rich merchant.
But the merchant's business failed and he and his wife both committed suicide.
The daughter, who was the only one alive was left to be taken care of a relative.

As for the daughter, she escaped the house of her relatives.
And she decided to go back where she originally lived.
One day, she was found dead.
The cause of her death was proved to be starving to death.

The ghost of the child of the merchant appears inside the house ever since.
Perhaps, it may be because she wants to preserve the memories of her family by protecting the house.

「And, that house is this house?」

I muttered while sitting down on the bed while in front of house's gates.

「Such a terrible atmosphere.....」

Rosetta says so in a frightened voice.

「It looks very normal to me.」

「At the moment, it's covered in ivy and dead leaves are scattered all around in the garden, but it's possible to live normally once cleaning it all up.」

As for Aria and Mimily, both of them don't seem to be particularly moved, especially when looking at the haunted house.
Looks like all of us are discouraged.
Although, I thought there was going to be more like a black aura.

「Do you not understand a single thing? It's ghosts! Let's just turn around!」

「Rosetta-san, didn't you say you'd rid of the ghost in your name just a little earlier?」

「That is so... but I'm not prepared. Let's just come again.」

「Eh, I thought it was a good thing. Let's go in.」

「Kuu-tsu, kill!」

Will your 「determination」 appear here?
Though I won't have to ask that.
I guess she's just scared of ghosts, this person.

While looking over at Rosetta who had become teary eyed, we advance the bed.
The gate's key was suddenly broken and the gate opened easily by pushing it.
But, the problem was that the entrance door was not big enough to fit a king-size bed.
Because there is no other way, I'll have to walk in.
Tsu~ Well then.
And somehow, I got down on the ground for the first time in a very long time.

And as I walked and grabbed the doork.n.o.b, I learnt a new skill.

【You have reached level 1000】
【Skill Ghost Buster was acquired】

Becoming level 1000, it became a commemorative memory.
And the new skill I learnt, is best for our current situation.
This is quite convenient for me.

I feel like I'm being glared at.

【There's no such thing】

I see, it's fine; it's fine.
Wait, the menu screen spoke to me?

【I am very fond of you】

.....It seems like I'm tired, I guess?
The menu screen seems to be talking to me.
Yup, this is certainly an illusion.
Let's just ignore it.

「Tetsuya-san, what are you doing, gripping the doork.n.o.b?」

「The ghost who haunts this residence is powerful! Let's go back later!」

「No, it's okay. I was just thinking about something. Well, let's go!」

Ignoring Rosetta's complaints, I opened the door.
The inside of the house looked very ordinary, according to the appearance.
The place considerably has a lot of dust, but it's natural since not a single person has lived here for over a decade.
And there is no signs of life.
「I don't think this place is haunted.」

「I also feel that way! If this house is still for sale at 100 gold coin pieces, that's super cheap! We'll buy it!」

Aria seems to have taking a liking to this house, and it's getting exciting.

「I think it's best to decide after looking around for a bit.」

And Mimily gives a quite honest opinion.
This person, really is the valuable member who stops us from doing reckless things.
Do your best from now on!

「You are too carefree! Even though I've been feeling the chills for some time now!」

Today is such a warm day.
But, still, Rosetta is afraid.
This is a fantasy world to begin with, and is there really a ghost to begin with?
As I said that, the entrance door suddenly closed by itself.
A truly tremendous momentum.


Rosetta yells.
As surprised as I am, Aria and Mimily also show signs of screaming.

「It's exaggerated, Rosetta-san. The wind just closed the door or something.」

「Such a thing can't happen! This is the work of a ghost....... Ugaaaaaa!」

What is it this time?
The largest scream I've heard today.
Rosetta-san, have you finally gone crazy out of sheer fright?

「Te-tetsuya! Something suddenly grabbed my ankles! Stop grabbing me! Ah, ah!」

While annoyed, I look over to Rosetta's ankles.
A white arm grew from underneath the floorbed and was truly gripping onto Rosetta's ankles

We all saw it, and screamed as much as Rosetta did.
[TL Note: I found this part funny, like in the movies, they do this sort of comedy too.]

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